Colony – Vans BMX Pro Cup – Sessions

Seems like bowl riding skills is a pre-requisite for the Colony team. The Colony squad were out in force at the Vans Pro Cup with Alex Hiam, Chris James, Josh Dove, Zac Dangerfield, Jayden Fuller, Natalya Diehm, Paterico Fallico, Paulo Sacaki, Konstantin Andreev, and Clint Millar. Here’s over six minutes of raw Colony highlights.

Quin Ellis – BMX Street Fire

Our BMX submission courtesy of Gordan Macdonald featuring Quin Ellis. 21-year-old SoCal local Quin is in the Fire Academy, so he rides, films, and skates during the few months in between his training because he’ll get dropped if he gets hurt. Sounds crazy, but at least Quin makes it count when he gets the chance because he shreds and makes it look casual, too.

Federal – Welcomes Lewis Cunningham

Lewis Cunningham has been churning out the video parts ever since he was a little shredder. He ain't so little anymore, and his bag of tech combos and rail skills have grown a lot as well. Federal just picked him up, so hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of more of the tech grind, track pants wearing phenom soon.

BCAVE – Pre-Dad Shakedown

Congrats to John Mayo on recently becoming a dad! And prior to that milestone moment, John got busy in the streets—before his life really got busy. I'm a huge fan of John's riding—the perfect mix of crust, pegs, and a great song, too.