S&M – Welcome To Seattle!

S&M's Mike Hoder, Kareem Williams, Dave Krone, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish and Andrew Schubert repped the Shield right, shredding some concrete, trails, and plenty of Seattle street. If you're looking for great riding and good times, look no further.

I Eat BMX – Diego Bravo

Our BMX submission courtesy of filmer Keegan Bohannon, featuring Diego Bravo. I met Diego Bravo almost two years ago when he first moved to SoCal from a small town in Ecuador. Since then I’ve watched him go from doing his first ever handrail to doing smiths, feebles and rail rides that some pros won’t even step to.

Vans – Shimmer

Ty Morrow, Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, Calvin Kosovich, Bruno Hoffman, Travis Hughes, and Andrew Castaneda loose in the streets of LA and beyond for Vans’ all-street powerhouse mixtape, Shimmer. Featuring 14 minutes of amazing riding, shot and cut by Calvin himself.