Odyssey – 10 SPOT – Boyd Hilder

Odyssey's Boyd Hilder has been on a BMX rampage last few years crushing everything in his path. We all know he shreds, but here's your chance to learn about the scariest thing he's ever done, who his favorite Ausi rider is, what he does when he isn't riding, and more...

Rompelacleta – Error I -Chile BMX

Romepelacleta is a BMX collective from Chile, South America, where friends can contribute content. Error 1 is their first release and it’s full of street, park, and some trails from the Chile scene. Good stuff overall, but the music does make me feel a little uneasy.

Fit – Jordan Hango – Playlist

Jordan Hango is one of those dudes who you could never see enough footage from. The dude handles business and always delivers when the camera is pointed his way. With his X Games Real BMX part dropping May 15, 2019, Fit put together this awesome playlist featuring Hango videos/footage to help hold you over.