Jeff Zielinski

S&M – Hey Chris What’s Up? – What Do YOU Wanna Know About S&M Bikes?

If you follow @moeller_chris on Instagram, then you're probably already familiar with the "Hey Chris What's Up?" videos. They're always entertaining and/or interesting and it was only a matter of time before S&M got it going on the old YouTube as well. They decided to go ahead and open the floodgates for Episode 1 and invite the viewers to comment on what they'd like to know about / see at S&M.

Fit – Keys To The Cage: Teaching a 4-year-old How to Build a Bike

This is probably going to be the cutest thing you'll see on the internet today. Chris Moeller (the dude at Fit/S&M) had his daughter Jeri head down to the cage at The Building to build up a fresh Fit 12" Misfit with help of uncle Dougie. Once you've had enough of the cuteness, think of a little shredder you know and hook 'em up or try to win the free Misfit by following the instructions at the end of the video.

S&M: Whammo Wednesday

Craig Passero is a clip getting machine—whether it's street, park, or trails. Here's a collection of absurd technical combos from the dude who can get a clip on anything. And that backward 60/40 was one of the best ones ever done.

Uncovered BMX: Tokyo Highlights

Van Homan and Brian Kachinsky's Uncovered amateur contest series is back for a second year with their first stop at the Murasaki Skatepark in Tokyo, Japan. No doubt the Japan street scene has been booming over the last few years and the Japanese ams brought their A-game with the winner, Shota Higa, getting a spot on the wildcard team for the 2019 Battle Of Hastings.

2019 BMX Triple Challenge – Denver: Photo Gallery

The Denver BMX Triple Challenge was an interesting event. The jumps were huge with a new choose your line option on the first hit, it was a welcomed change and the riders were hyped. The weather on the other hand, was crazy—it went from freezing, to warm and sunny, then it snowed. Despite the ebb and flow of the weather, the stoke was high and the level of riding was amazing. There were some new faces and some new tricks, too. Here's a mix of photos from practice, finals, and Best Trick.

Sunday – The Road To Swampfest

More Swampfest footage with a twist... Sunday's street shred crew Erik Elstran, Brett Silva, Julian Arteaga, Jake Seeley, Ben Allen, and Jared Duncan lay Baton Rouge to waste, then head on to the Kona skatepark before finally landing in the swamp.