Jeff Zielinski

Fit – Gang’s All Here

Fit got the band together and loaded up the van for a weekend tour of the SoCal streets. Austin Augie got a little too kinky, Max Miller fell out of the sky, Jordan Hango did the unthinkable (yet again), and so much more...

Odyssey – At Ease

Odyssey's At Ease, featuring incredible riding from Jacob Cable, Murray Loubser, Hilario Olivos, Chase Krolicki, Jerome Odesa, Jarren Barboza and Preston Okert, matched with the impeccable camera work by Zach Krejmas.

Fingers Crossed BMX

BMX legends Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes, along with Mike Bennett and Ari Cruz retrofitted some 20" BMX bikes with mountain bike suspension and some extra knobby tires and took them to the mountain.

Andydreads Bumscat Vol. 2

In the 2020 level of BMX trickery, what makes a good street rider in most eyes is the magnitude of the maneuvers a rider is capable of. Where as some people also weigh a rider's knowledge of spots and how they choose to ride them to a high caliber, as well. LA local Andy Persing is a fine example of the second school of thought. He put together an awesome video featuring plenty of new spots and some fresh ideas at classic spots, too.