Here's some bonus fat from WeThePeople's recent full-length, Out Of Line from their flow/am riders...

Albeit, this isn’t their first year on WeThePeople for most of these dudes, but one thing that clearly isn’t lost in translation is the level of riding they produce. Here’s some bonus fat from WeThePeople’s recent full-length, Out Of Line—which you can still purchase here.

“Rookies marks a shift in focus towards putting some shine on our up and coming AM and Flow riders. These guys each got some clips for our latest full-length, Out of Line, but they had a lot more to offer than we had room for in that video. So we present five minutes from some of the future of BMX and of our brand, Featuring, John Yoh, Reagan Riley, Jesse Romano, Grant Castelluzzo, Dan Banks, Dave Paterson, Tom Weikert, Justin Hughes, Justin Koebele, and Stephan Atencio.” Filmed/edited: Grant Castelluzzo Additional Filming: Paul Robinson and the rest of the crew.

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