Need some armor on the drive side of your Madera or Profile hub? Look no further than the C4 Drive Side Guard. Full details from Madera below:

Custom-made for both Madera and Profile Hubs, the C4 Drive Side Guard is designed to protect your hubs, keep you grinding smoothly, and all with only minimal weight. It is sold as a combo including the guard and proprietary hardware that will fit on the Madera V2 Cassette, the Madera Gulf Coaster, the Profile Racing Mini Hub, and the Profile Racing Z-Coaster. Buy the combo pack to start and replace the guard on its own later if necessary. You must have the proprietary hardware that is installed with an adjustable wrench in order to run this guard. Make sure to check out all of the other guards we make, including our C4 Plastic FRONT Guard and our C4 Plastic Non-Drive Side REAR Guard to match this guard HERE: And check out more details at our website HERE:…

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