Head to https://www.e-fise.com/en/montpellier/competition/bmx-street/ to vote for your favorite video! 

Got a full house in the Unclicked studio (it’s a studio, right?) to watch the E-FISE finals videos. Shout out to FISE for sending the videos over a bit early, even though I had some technical issues and wasn’t able to get this online yesterday, haha. 

The audio is a bit rough on this one…Chad was a late addition and I didn’t have the ability to record six audio tracks (five people +computer), so I had to rig some stuff up. As soon as the dudes left, I orders some more gear to make it dialed for the next one…

Follow the dudes if you’re not already:

Shout out to the following brands who support both the riders in this video and Our BMX:
http://odysseybmx.com (Gary)
http://vans.com/bmx (Dennis and Gary)
http://harobikes.com/bmx (Dennis and Chad)
http://cinemabmx.com (Chad)
http://gitbicycles.com and http://odigrips.com (Demarcus)

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