Blown out knee, closed borders, and one day a week to film... Boyd Hilder talks about his new Odyssey video.

Boyd Hilder is one of those dudes who absolutely shreds anything in his path. With a heavy trick list, awesome style, and an ever present having a good time swag, what’s not to love about his riding? Boyd’s latest effort for Odyssey, Locked Down Unda’, ticked all the boxes and was an awesome video. Watching it, you’d never know he had some hurdles along the way, when in reality, Boyd faced closed borders, small windows of time for filming, and he blew his knee out…

Boyd, way the fuck up there. (Photo: Alex Hiam)

Your new Locked Down Unda’ video for Odyssey is amazing. How much more did you have in store providing your knee injury didn’t get in the way?
I’d say the video was 95% done. I had two enders lined up and one sweet looking curve wall spot I had crashed on a few weeks earlier. One of the enders I had already been to, there was an epic sunset going down with a solid crew watching on with beers. The setting was all right until mid-battle the police showed up and shut it down, I snuck a few more tries in while the police took the boys names. It felt like I only need that one more try, but then one of the cops ended up snapping and shouting at me “if you go back it the top you’ll be arrested”. Didn’t really feel like being arrested so I thought I’d come back another day.

Was it one crash that did in your knee or was it accumulated abuse?
Yeah mate, one crash was all it took. We pulled up to a local skatepark and there was a construction site set up right beside. It happened that a 6ft bank lined up perfectly to jump over the construction site fence. Didn’t take long before I was cranking at it, ended up sailing it a bit wrong and had to throw the bike. Honestly thought I was gonna slide out on my ass, but my foot gripped and buckled my knee throwing me forward into a front flip. Was a terrible feeling, don’t try it [laughs].

Awesome combo for a perfect setup. (Photo: Tim Storey)

Are far as the injures go, you said you “really done it”. What exactly is the damage?
Argh man I ended up doing my ACL, LCL ligaments completely, and tore my meniscus—which they managed to stitch back together. Also, a muscle partly tore off the outside of my knee, which they had to pin back down.

When was the last time you filmed an entire video part in Australia?
In 2018 we filmed for the Lux DVD, only doing interstate trips between bigger international trips for contests.

You mentioned how sans two clips, this entire video was filmed “North of the QLD/NSW border” due to border closures within the country. I wasn’t aware that they were restricting travel within the country of Australia. What’s that like, being cut off from other parts of the country?
Yeah mate, all so confusing, but each state had their own rules with Queensland (my state) blocking their boards to any interstate travelers. Just meaning no one, but residents could enter, that also meant we could only go south if it was for “work” with exception forms. Pretty crazy, seeing as though my house is only a 30 minute drive north from the QLD/NSW border.

Big ‘ol hanger. (Photo: Tim Storey)

And how did that affect filming? Was it a welcomed challenge having less options where to film, or did you miss out on a lot of great spots?
I wouldn’t say it was welcomed and it was made harder due to the fact we couldn’t go hit any of the other major cities. Also having filmed most of my parts coming up between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, I found myself revisiting/rethinking a lot of spots and sometimes having a go at one upping myself.

Overall, what is the situation like in Australia at the moment with COVID?
It’s a lot better, minimal cases and all the boarders are open again letting everyone travel to visit their loved ones for the Christmas break.

I remember when lockdowns first began back in March, there was a park in Queensland that they tried to bury with sand to keep people out. Has that been a common practice in Australia?
Each council had their own stupid ways of stopping people, but in my area I think it was just the standard fines/ticket system.

You put this video together with Troy Charlesworth, who was only available to film on Friday nights and on Saturdays due to his work schedule. You guys seriously handled business with the night footage. Some riders literally can’t see at night, others love the feeling of the production when the lights come out. What’s your take on filming at night?
I like the feeling of sneaking in and lighting up, but man it can be tough sometimes. The stress of not enough light to see or batteries / generators going flat can build up. In a way you can use that to push yourself to send it faster, but that’s not always the best position to be in. That being said, shout-out to Troy for having the vision of a night section in the middle I’m stoked how it turned out.

Is there a standout clip that’s your favorite?
I like a bunch of clips for different reasons, but the first clip is one I’m really happy with—also happened to be the first clip we filmed for the part. I remember going around a few times making sure the slide felt nice. Then on the one we got the rest of the line fell into place doing all the nose jam tricks exactly how I wanted. To top it off I caught pedals on the fakie to whip and I just screamed out stoked as fuck.

Tell us a little about the scene in Australia at the moment, for as long as I can remember now, Australia’s been a churning out BMX talent. Are there a bunch of new low-key riders we’re yet to hear of?
Man, there is loads of talent down under, spread all over the country but a couple of names I like to watch are Jake Norris (@jakenorris_), Patrick Clutton (@patrick_clutton), and Johnny Mackellar (@ttermite666).

Seeing as this is an Odyssey video, do you have anything in the works with them as far as products go?
Got a few things in the works, still early days so I can’t say too much…

Boyd, absolutely destroying it Down Unda’ for Odyssey…

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