The long-awaited Longernecks, aka the Longneck SLX, have finally arrived. At 160mm (6.3″), they’re 25mm longer than the already-available Flangless Longnecks, but use the same tried-and-true mushroom style collapsible rib pattern and ultra-soft compound. I’ve had these grips for about two weeks, but in full-disclosure, I haven’t had the chance to actually ride them, as my life is a bit upside down during this whole pandemic thing. Fortunately, Longnecks have been around for literally a lifetime in one sense or another, so they hardly need my stamp of approval. As a minor consolation, I did hit up ODI team rider, Demarcus Paul, to get his take on ’em:

“I switched to the Longneck SLX a little over a month ago. I’ve always been a fan of the OG Longneck in the soft compound. Now that they’re longer with the soft compound, I have more gripping space and I love how smooth it looks on my bike.”

And here’s the official release from ODI along with the specs. Pick them up directly from ODI, your local shop, or favorite mailorder (we always recommend Source BMX)…

“Introducing the next generation in the Longneck grip family, the Longneck SLX. Constructed out of our proprietary soft compound material and using the same flangeless design as our soft Longneck, the Longneck SLX comes in a new longer 160mm. The new Longneck SLX grips feature the same ribbed pattern that made the original a classic, but are made of a softer material that provides the coveted broken-in feeling from the very first ride. Available in eight colors: black, navy blue, light blue, mint, army green, bright red, graphite, and iridescent purple.”

– Classic mushroom style collapsible rib pattern.
– Constructed of our proprietary grip SOFT compound for added comfort!
– Increasingly popular with top athletes around the world
– Open ends with Two Color Push In Plugs end plugs included
– Sold In Pairs

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