The time has come to help give away one of the most prestigious awards we have in BMX. The idea is simple. Vote for...



We’re happy to announce the 24th Annual NORA Cup Awards.

The time has come to help give away one of the most prestigious awards we have in BMX. The idea is simple. Vote for who you think had the best year. Don’t vote for your favorite rider; vote for the dude that put in the work this year. Maybe they put out a couple of heavy parts, maybe they won an event (not likely this year), maybe they dropped regular heat on Insta…maybe they did it all? You decide. Choose from the list of nominees here or use the write-in option…

You’re allowed to vote once a day.

There’s nothing better than having all of us in one room celebrating the best of the year, but that’s quite obviously not possible this year. While the current pandemic has interrupted events and trips around the world, BMX as a whole, has most definitely not stopped. So NORA Cup, too, will continue on…

For those curious, voting will happen as it always does in late August (now). In early/mid September, nominees will be announced via youtube/social announcements. Throughout the month, this year’s winners will be presented with the NORA Cup Award and announced to the public via Our BMX channels. We’re kind of winging it in a sense, but as always, we’re dedicated to NORA Cup’s legacy of celebrating the riders who make BMX what it is.

Thanks for the continued support from the BMX industry to allow NORA Cup to happen: Monster Energy, Vans Shoes, Vero, Source BMX, Profile Racing, Mongoose Bikes, Kink BMX, Subrosa, Stolen, Odyssey, Snafu, Haro Bikes, ODI Grips, Eclat, Sunday Bikes, GT BMX, Cinema, Colony, Pumped BMX’s Trail Boss, Bell Helmets, Shadow Conspiracy, Hyper Bike Co, and Eighties BMX. This is a labor of love for us, but it does cost money and the brands I just listed are, quite literally, keeping it going.

If you want to share that you voted, feel free to save/screenshot this image and post it up. Be sure to tag @bmx and #noracup. Thank you!

Brief NORA Cup History:
The Number One Rider Award was created in 1979 by BMX Action Magazine. Originally focused on racing, NORA Cup had just two categories (rider and team) but it quickly became the most prestigious award in BMX. In 1985, Freestylin’ Magazine introduced most popular freestyle rider, team, and bike categories. The NORA Cup awards ended in 1991 when the publisher of both magazines (Wizard Publications) went out of business. In 1997, Ride BMX and Snap Magazine resurrected NORA Cup and continued until Ride BMX was shuttered in early 2019. The former employees of Ride created Our BMX and continued the NORA Cup tradition…   

78 thoughts on “2020 NORA Cup Reader’s Choice Rider Of The Year Voting

  1. Felix Prangenberg doesn’t only have a great personality he is also goated (= very skilled) on his bmx bike

    1. Matt Dallas, exhibits unusual all around awesomeness on both track and trails. Mr. D is an incredibly hard worker and continually promotes the positive aspects of riding to all, thunder and lightning!

    2. Felix has put out consistent fire different from the consistent mind blowing wizardry he puts on his social media. Shows he’s been out there having fun, but also working hard while doing it!

  2. Felix Prangenberg doesn’t only have a great personality he is also goated (= very skilled) on his bmx bike!!!

  3. Dan Kruk put out Destroyer of rails, Out of line and ABD parts in a single year, only dude who can beat him is Erik Elstran.

  4. Mike Hoder — all around destroyer. Kills the streets, shreds gnarly cement and gets thru trail lines first try!

  5. După părerea mea Brad Simms și Courage Adams sunt cei mai buni BMX’eri din lume, au un control incredibil al bmx’ului, atât în timpul trickurilor cât și în timpul aterizarilor, plus ca fac chestii de necrezut pe bmx, sincer a-și dori sa vad un game of bmx între ei doi🤯😁😏, respect tuturor celor care se dau pe BMX😉😘😇💪

  6. Max miller deserves this award so much, the amount of liter blood and literal sweat and literal tears he’s put into his biking career since he a kid is insurmountable. Go vote for max, he’s been deserving this for a long long time.

  7. Por qué con su dedicación y desempeñó,da lo mejor de su mismo para llegar muy lejos al BMX …🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷✨

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