It’s been under social lock and key for several months, but Dennis Enarson’s new backyard made its debut today with a banger of an edit...

It’s been under social lock and key for several months, but Dennis Enarson’s new backyard made its debut today with a banger of an edit featuring the builders of the ramps—Jason Watts and Corey Walsh—along with Dennis Himself. We have a dope set of photos thanks to Brandon Means, so I hit up filmer Christian Rigal to get a little numerical breakdown of what went into making “Homestead.”

65 — Days Spent Building The Ramp
“Jason created this beast with the help of our homie Japan and Corey Walsh, along with a few of us putting in a couple days here and there. A lot of beer was consumed and the heat wave didn’t help!”

6 — Nights Filming
“Aside from the three main nights of filming I went back three more nights to shoot some intro stuff. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was after for the intro so I tried a few different ideas the first two nights and then knew exactly what I wanted on the third night! I was also fresh out of surgery in a sling when I went back so I wasn’t moving too fast [laughs].”

24 — Total Hours Spent At The Ramp
“Between setting up/adjusting all the lights by myself, filming by myself and breaking down the gear with the help of the crew at the end of each night it was an exhausting shoot to say the least!”

19 — Lights Used
“A big ramp calls for a lot of lights, so I rented 15 tungsten lights on top of the four I already had. We had twelve 650’s, five 1k’s and two 2k’s.”

4 — Generators Used
“There’s no way Dennis parents’ house could handle the amount of power we were drawing so we had two 3k watt generators and two 2k watt generators to help us out. I owe a big thanks to Corey and Jason for running cups of gas back and forth to keep the lights from going out while Dennis was filming the banger! Figures we wouldn’t have a portable gas can [laughs].”

16,800 — Total wattage (plus one Jason Watts)
“Although LED’s would draw wayyyy less power they don’t have the same punch as the tungsten’s so we would have needed double the LED’s to get this ramp lit. It was worth the wattage to go the route we did.”

1,000 — Total Feet of Extension Cords
“It was a serious mission to route all these cables, keep then hidden, and make sure we weren’t running too much power out of a generator or wall outlet.”

0 — Flat Tires
“Pretty sure the boys run 80-100 psi on these ramps so flats aren’t very common!”

45 — Coldest Temperature (In Degrees) While Filming
“We got lucky with the weather as we had to push the shoot forward a day to avoid some incoming rain. The ramps tend to get dewy and wet around 10pm, but thankfully we didn’t have that issue!”

3 — Number of Tricks That Didn’t Happen
“There’s was one 360 pocket that Corey was feeling out that he decided against, a one foot tabes transfer that was giving Jason a hard time, and a crazy 180 decade to backwards manual that wasn’t working out too well for Jason, so he changed it up and got the 180 down whip backwards manny cab lookback!”

12 — Falls
“Grateful none of the crashes were serious and although I’m sure the guys were feeling rough, they all kept riding and shooting after they slammed!”

20 — Most People At The Ramp At One Time
“At one point I looked down and it looked like a little party down there [laughs]. But It was rad having all the close homies and some of Dennis family friends around to watch the madness go down! Pizza, beers, and good vibes all around!”

36 — Coors Light Consumed
“Corey wasn’t drinking and I don’t think Dennis had any beers until after he was done riding, but I know Watts, the homies, and myself kept them flowing each night [laughs].”

3 — Times A Bike Was Sent
“Aside from a tester eject from Corey on the Alley oop pocket and a 270 whip gone wrong from Dennis everyone managed hang on to their bikes, almost… Jason got frustrated after the one foot tabes transfer didn’t work and sent it bike off the box backwards. It was funny until I realized it was headed straight for three lights, no contact though!”

10 — The Length, In Inches, of Jason Watts’ Shorts
“Cold temps don’t matter for Jason, maybe the beers helped? [Laughs]”

24 — Number of Attempts For The Banger
“Dennis’ banger is absolutely insane and getting the right pump, setup jumps, and the motivation to send it was a serious task. Although it only took one down whip crash before he landed it, it took 24 runs to make it happen! Generator issues didn’t help the stress levels, either!”

2 — Number of Cameras Used
“This video was shot with a Red Gemini and the two second angles were shot on a Panasonic Gh5.”

5 — Number of Lenses Used
“I bounced between the 40mm and 65mm Atlas Anamorphic lenses, as well as the 8-15mm, 16-35mm, and 24-105mm canon lenses.”

343 — Total Clips Filmed
“I only imported the useable footage as there was really no need for anything other than the pulled clips, close attempts, crashes, B-roll, funny stuff, Etc. Even though a lot of that stuff doesn’t get used [laughs], you’re better safe than sorry!”

65 — Clips Used In Video
“The video ended up being 3:40 long but it had a lot of cuts to make it all come together!”

984 —Gigabytes For The Final Project
“It’s pretty insane how quickly these files sizes add up when you’re shooting in 5k, and that’s after pulling out the useless footage!”

10 — Days Spent Editing
“I don’t usually edit all day and night so it took about 10 days to log, edit and export the video/social media content.”

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