Packing the room for this one. With a new house in San Diego and every park in the area being laid to waste, we had the Fast And Loose gentlemen sit down for an hour and a half of randomness… Support this squad by heading to and picking up a video or some clothing…

0:00 – Intro / Getting a house in San Diego.
7:30 – Matt juggling photo, video, riding, and TM duties.
18:50 – Faster And Looser?
29:30 – Matt Cordova interview portion
40:18 – Difficulties of filming their style of riding
48:10 – Getting a bunch of footage stolen
51:55 – Corey getting on Odyssey
57:30 – Bringing back the adventure in BMX
1:04:00 – Ryan chooses his favorite clips from the DVD…


  1. LOL Dennis / Fudger – do you guys practise any covid precautions at all?

    or just pack everyone into one room as your title states? Anyhoo, looking forward to the interview

    1. Outside of the podcast, I’m actually really good about Covid precautions. I’d be lying if I said the thought didn’t cross my mind as I’m sitting there with four other guys in a small room, but I also don’t have any at-risk relatives to worry about. Dennis also cares, although a bit less than I do. We’re definitely dumb americans, eh?

      1. haha I don’t think you guys are dumb at all, but I do think Dennis is arguably one of the biggest names in BMX, and this is one of the top forums for the sport, so it would be good to see some sort of example being set, if not at least a minor attempt such as a bigger room with a bit more separation. Also, it is just such a huge contrast to the extreme regulations in place here in Canada… thanks for the response Fudger, and sorry for the delayed reply, limited interweb speeds here!

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