I travel quite a lot, so having a bag that fits my bike is pretty important to me. You wanna know what's also important? Not getting charged a bunch of money...

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Video Description:
I travel quite a lot, so having a bag that fits my bike is pretty important to me. You wanna know what’s also important? Not getting charged a bunch of money for taking my bike on flights. Some airlines will hit you with massive fees if you want to take your bike, so it’s been pretty typical to use a golf bag of some sort to hide your bike on trips. Well, Odyssey has come out with the Traveler Bag and I wanted to see if it worked for me…

TLDW (too long didn’t watch):
You don’t have to break down your bike as much with the golf style bags, but you run more risk of getting charged for your bike annnnd you may not save time in the end when you’re waiting for your bag at oversize pickup. The Traveler Bag pretty much guarantees you won’t be charged for your bike and you don’t have to deal with oversize baggage issues. On my first use, I’m 99% sure it saved me from sleeping in an airport…that’s huge.

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2 thoughts on “The Best BMX Travel Bag? Odyssey Traveler Bag Review

  1. It was great Ryan,

    Recently I’ve been getting in front of the camera a little and I for sure know how weird that feels.
    The only thing I would look at is the lighting on your face. Maybe go for more of a Rembrandt style set up.
    It might have also had something to do with the hat. The shadow on your nose was just a little distracting.
    As for the review it was really good. gonna pick one up next week. Been putting getting one off for months.

    Thanks man

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