For those who don’t know, Marin Ranteš is the 2018 UCI BMX World Cup Champion and the only sportsman who will represent Croatia in this discipline on the next Olympic games. Three months ago he went to compete at Baltic Games in Gdansk. On the way up there, the airline company lost the package with his bike and couldn’t locate it. Chances of him competing seemed really low. On the other side of Europe, there was his mom Sunčica, enjoying her day, doing her things. When she heard what happened to Marin, she jumped in a car, drove from Zagreb to Budapest to pick up a bike and some extra parts from Marin’s friend @konradszabo and his sponsor @elitebmxshop. And then she drove 15 hours straight to Gdansk so Marin could be able to ride the contest. Marin finished 3rd on the new bike. Teamwork. People sometimes think it’s an alien word for the world of individual sports. But, know this, wherever there is this kind of dedication, passion, and perseverance, there has to be teamwork. Whether it’s a friend that gives you a lift to training, your lover who finds understanding for your absence or it’s your mother that travels halfway across the world to support you while competing – it’s all TEAMWORK. Video: Leo Gamboc (@leo_gamboc, Rider: Marin Ranteš (@marinrantes) Music: Jamirko (@jamirko, Camera Assistant: Stjepan Petković (@outside__the_box_photography) Words: Ivan Grgur (@grgagonefishing) PR: Andrea Tintor (@andreatintor) Photos: Dorian Domiter (@doriandomiter) Tnx to: Mom Sunčica, Sister Rea, Brother Ivan, Silvija & Nikola Grabar from Cerebellum

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