The local Innsbruck park in Austria recently got a makeover by Schneestern (the same company that made the Waiblingen Bowl—which hosted a 2019 Vans Pro Cup). Once the dust settled, they had Sergio Layos come out and give it a proper breaking-in. Beyond the amazing display of style from Sergio, there’s also some interesting footage and back story into the company that made the park, Schneestern.

After almost 9 years the Skatehalle Innsbruck, in Austria, got a “facelifting” by Schneestern, who also built many other Parks all over Europe and have also designed the Bowl in Waiblingen, that hosted 2019’s Vans Pro Cup. Right after the indoor park was finished, Schneestern’s lifetime rider, Gregor Podlesny, took Sergio on a tour through the new setup on a night/morning session. And who’s better to test a new park, especially if theres a concrete bowl involved, than the style legend himself?

Filmed & edited by Philip Kölsch

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