When an instagram caption turns into a saga. I reposted a clip of Jason Enns doing an unreal half bar-to-tooth-to half bar on instagram with a half-joke about offering up $50 to anyone who could do the same trick in 2020. 150 comments later and the only person to step up was the legend himself, Ryan Nyquist. After talking about it with him, we decided to film the process. Little did we know that it would take three days…

Shout out to http://harobikes.com/bmx for supporting both Ryan Nyquist and Our BMX. Brands like Haro allow us to create videos for you guys, so support them when you need something new.

Thanks to https://www.instagram.com/jasonenns/ for being the spark to make this happen. And to https://www.instagram.com/snakebitebmx/ for digging up the clip. Follow https://www.instagram.com/ryannyquist/ if you’re not already!

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