What is Our BMX? In short, we are the Ride BMX staff out on our own. We're building from the ground up and our goal is pretty simple...

The Quick:                    

What is Our BMX? In short, we are the Ride BMX staff out on our own. We’re building from the ground up and our goal is pretty simple: We want to continue what we’ve done for the last 16 years…to create great content, feature amazing riders, and contribute, push, and show why we love BMX. We’ll be making videos, shooting photos, we’ll be covering events, and everything else in between. And yes, we’ll still be holding NORA Cup. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the status quo for us…we’re just building our own brand with the same dedication, quality, and passion that we did with Ride. With that said, thanks for the support…  —Ryan Fudger, Jeff Zielinski, and Adam Watkins

The Long:

I’m not sure if this story is out there outside of the Unclicked/Enarson podcast, so I might as well just tell everything and then give an update. On January 31st, we (myself, Jeff Zielinski, and Adam Watkins) were called into an office along with the Transworld Motocross staff and told that they were putting our titles on “pause” and letting us go. This was a surprise to us for multiple reasons, but let me back up… Our media group, The Enthusiast Network, had been for sale by the parent company for upward of six months. That in itself isn’t scary, as in my 16 years with Ride, the company had been bought/sold three other times and usually it had very little effect on our day-to-day happenings. But these days, media is a hard battle and six months of not selling the company meant that some heavy stuff would be going down. For a time period, I was pretty shook; mostly assuming that our budget would be slashed and we’d have to let some contributors go… But, I didn’t believe Ride would be no more. The main reason being that Ride, as a brand, wasn’t doing horrible. We were not profitable this year, but we weren’t far off and we were trending the right way. Further, within the building there were other brands who were, quite literally, shitting the bed and short hundreds of thousands of dollars. We were not.

But really, my perspective is narrow and when large companies make major acquisitions, a relatively small brand like Ride may simply be more hassle than it’s worth to them. So yeah, we got fired. But, in that meeting, we were told there was “a path” for us to be able to purchase Ride from the new owners. We entered into talks and made an offer and were told it was too low. We got some information about what level we needed to be at and put in a new offer. Then, a certain nationwide news scandal (I won’t go into detail here because it’s not really relevant anymore) dropped involving the new parent company and all conversation ended. After being ghosted for a week, we were finally told to reach out in a month. After that month passed, we were told to reach out in a couple weeks. After that couple weeks, we were told a couple more. Every conversation was short and without detail.

While we waited those two months, we created “Our BMX” because of the support from the BMX community. All the calls, texts, and comments really motivated us to do something. But, I’d be lying if I said we put a ton of effort into Our BMX… It just felt absolutely pointless to go out and create content for something that I thought wouldn’t be around for very long. Nonetheless, we knew we had to lay the foundation for getting Ride. So we created an official company, we had a site designed (thank you again, Francis), and we kind of poked in and out doing things when time allowed. As time passed and calls continued to be ignored, doubt definitely began to creep in and I resolved the idea that owning Ride may not just be in the cards…

Finally, last week, we were told that they were not willing to sell Ride.

While I was obviously bummed, I also felt a huge sense of, I guess it would be relief. I finally had a decision…even if it wasn’t the one I wanted. Upon reflection, my only regret is that I wish I hadn’t sat idle under the assumption that what I was being told about selling us the brand was true. Because, at this point, I’ve begun to feel like we were simply being strung along in hopes of mitigating any backlash. Or maybe they just changed their mind? Really, neither scenario really matters at this point. I suppose most of you are thinking, “What are they doing with Ride?” As far as I understand, they will be repurposing some of the “evergreen” content that Ride has for their larger, general audiences. There will be no new content produced. It doesn’t make sense to me, but again, my perspective is narrow… I should say that I hold no hard feelings towards anyone on that side of the fence. I understand that I don’t understand business on that level and shit happens beyond my wants/control.

So all of that leads us to what you’re seeing. We are now Our BMX. While I can’t claim that we’re going to reinvent BMX media, I do know that we are more motivated than ever. Our plans are to create quality content. Daily web content, throw a couple jams, have an event, and hopefully some print, too. As we build this from the ground up, we sincerely appreciate all the love, shout-outs, and support. From Jeff Zielinski, Adam Watkins, and myself…thank you. —Ryan Fudger

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If you want to reach out to me with suggestions, submissions, or to just tell me I’m crazy, send an email to ryan@ourbmx.com. Here’s a couple of photos of us riding (of varying quality/age) because I’m not really sure what else really should be here…


22 thoughts on “RIP RIDE… LONG LIVE OUR BMX?

    1. Please make a mobileapp to check all your news nice and easy.
      Good luck with everything guys!!!

      1. You can add the website to the homepage of your phone and it’ll work just like an app. But maaaaybe we’ll work on an app in the future. Hard to say.

  1. Wish you all the best. I’m the owner of Omega Bicycle Shop. We’ve supported BMX from day one. Adam Watkins can vouch for our love for BMX. We’re here to help any way we can. Long live BMX

  2. Full support from Australia guys!
    Already loving the original content, would love a regular ‘feeble talk, TCU TV’ back in the mix!

  3. Though it was sad to see the end of Ride, I really don’t care.. It’s you guys, and the history of legends who made it what it is.. in the end, it was just a name. Our BMX might not be, as you said.. the reinvention of BMX media, but I think there is definitely a need for what you were doing. Without ride and the contect you guys were creating, there was a definite hole. The come up serves a purpose, but I think it’s had a serious hand in the downfall of BMX, well.. in my eyes.. but I am old.. and Vital was always this sort of G-rated boring shitty website.. again, that’s just my opinion.. I guess what i’m really trying to say, is that I’m fuckin’ stoked that you guys have done this and look forward to the content you put out. All the best..

  4. Just heard all of this… crazy stuff guys. But the fact you are all so dedicated to keeping this sport alive, says a ton about you. Keep the content coming like you always did and Promote Promote Promote!

    1. I really think there is a need for more coverage of ALL aspects of BMX.. There is enough street coverage these days. I commented about saying that I believed it was the come up and the strong push for BMX street to become this thing, but it grew too much and really pushed all of the other disciplines out or at least overshadowed the other disciplines. It’s funny that with the growth of street, everything else had a steady decline.. and it’s no wonder. I mean, X-Games in 98 was FUCKING GIANT and every kid was talking about it. Of course it wasn’t everything, but it was massive.. Park was big, vert and dirt and flatland (Where is flatland’s coverage these days??) – It’s any wonder than the old joe blow and mary fairy don’t care to watch BMX anymore when every run in a televised comp is smith nose bars, followed by smith nose bars.. followed by smith nose bar, manual to whip. It’s all impressive, sure.. but goddamn it gets pretty boring pretty quick. I don’t mean to take anything away from these guys, but the street-push has taken some of the best park riders away and turned them into clones. Video parts have become one clone after another.

      What I would personally like to see, is a website built around all aspects of BMX.. to include (as much as there can be) – Street, Park, Trails (and dirt comp footy), vert and flatland. Everything. Consider PROPS, there was everything.. I miss the days of EVERYTHING and riders riding everything.

      1. While there’s always a lot of room for improvement, I think Ride was always the most widespread of the media sites and did an okay job of spreading the love to different areas of BMX. But, we’re street riders and, to a lesser degree, park and dirt riders, so our content will always kind of reflect what we’re into personally. With Our, there’s definitely room to bring a few people on board to help with the niche aspects of BMX…we just have to have those conversations and see if we can come to an agreement. Thanks!

        1. Awesome response Ryan! The fresh pipeline of thoughts is what will keep you guys going strong!
          Don’t know how to contribute to your guys’ success, but it would be an honor to in any way!

  5. At this point where ride was it was a good call to start ourbmx to be honest ride has been dead for quite some time. Starting fresh is always a good thing to let the creativity and projects that might’ve not been approved over at ride, you guys can make the calls now and move on. Also the other big sites that shows bmx t cu has gone down at least from my perspective. Great content but not how it used to be, other good thing about starting fresh is that you guys can reach out to the newer generation of rider that are what keeps bmx alive. Good luck dudes and hope to see nothing but the best from ourbmx
    Cheers from mexico @thebmxfiles

  6. I love what you are doing!! Keep up the awesome work! I can’t wait to get a hold of some print work from you fellas!

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