Jelle Beenker hits the slopes in Austria with his BMX bike down some gnarly trails that are intended for mountain bikes. While a BMX is clearly not the best bike for the situation, that’s all that Jelle has to work with, so he sent it, got loose a few times, but he survived the high speed event and celebrated by giving his a bike a hose down at the end.

This is a somewhat special project. I am a born and raised bmx rider from the netherlands and recently moved to austria to pursue my snowboarding career. Even though I am a competitive snowboarder, BMX is still very close to my heart. Needles to say, when I moved I brought my bike with me. Being a 20 inch rider out here is like being a unicorn, but instead of awe, Small bikes with no breaks and suspension inspire laughter. I dont really care though, bmx is still hella fun. But at a certain point I wanted to ride DH. There are many bikeparks around here, but the cost of renting all the kit for a day was too expensive for me, so I thought, fuck it, ill ride my bmx on their trails. Then I can also show them that for the things they need big wheels and suspension. A bmx works just as well. 

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