FISE in Montpellier is unlike any event with BMX that I’ve ever been to. The crowds are just so enormous and the love for BMX can really be felt. It’s an awesome experience from my “media person” perspective, and I can only imagine how hyped it makes the riders. Another thing about Montpellier that makes it so awesome are all the BMX events they feature, including Park, Spine, Street, Flatland, and they brought back Dirt—with classes for different skill levels for both men and women. They pack so many BMX events into four days that it’s almost impossible for one person to cover all of it (even just the Pro events), so this year Justin Benthien and I went at it together. The first two days were a little more mellow, so Justin handled most of the filming and I shoot photos. As the events started to pick up—and even overlap in some instances—I switched over to filming as well. In the end, I didn’t get a chance to shoot Park Finals, or any Street or Flatland, but here’s some of my favorite shots from Park practice/qualifying, Dirt best trick/finals, and Spine qualifying/finals.  

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