"You’d never guess it, some of the most perfectly sculpted trails are nestled deep in the Patagonian region of Argentina. Over the last 4 years Neuquén native Marian Arguedas has worked hard to host one of the most unique dirt events to be held in the world. When he’s not manicuring Dirt World Flypark, he’s teaching a Bmx school with all age levels and over 40 kids at the Dirt parks pump track and beginner jumps. If you’re a dirt jumper and you haven’t been here yet, you for sure need to add this place to your bucket list. Big thanks to Marian and the city of Neuquén for supporting Bmx and Dirt World Flypark." —Anthony Napolitan

BMX And Beer From Lithuania

Prior to watching this video my knowledge of BMX in Lithuania was zero. Thanks to Rapolas Stankus and his "dad cam" at least now I know that there's a crew of riders in Lithuania who can shred, have fun while doing it, and they enjoy beer as well. Sounds like my sort of crew.