The time has come to help give away one of the most prestigious awards we have in BMX. The idea is simple. Vote for who you think had the best year.

The time has come to help give away one of the most prestigious awards we have in BMX. The idea is simple. Vote for who you think had the best year. Don’t vote for your favorite rider, vote for the dude that put in the work this year. Maybe they put out a couple of heavy parts, maybe they won an event, maybe they dropped regular heat on insta…maybe they did it all? You decide. Choose from the list of nominees here or use the write-in option…

You’re allowed to vote once a day.

Reader’s Choice (and all the other NORA Cup winners) will be announced at the NORA Cup party on Saturday, September 7th, at the St Mary In the Castle (just a few blocks east of the Source Park) after the Battle Of Hastings qualifier. It is an all ages event. Doors open at 8pm. The Battle Of Hastings Plaza Edits premiere at 9pm. NORA at 9:30. If you can’t make it in person, we’ll have some solid recap videos for you. Thank you! 

29 thoughts on “NORA Cup 2019 Reader’s Choice Voting

  1. All your rider nominations are top notch but why no racers? Did you see Kye Whyte this year? Anyway congrats to the winner, they all deserve to be in the running

  2. As for rider it has to be alex d he put out ozmosis(uprail like a 20stair)and won australian xgames. You guys should switch the judging format, the popularity contest you have now sucks ass. Enarson got one nora cup that belonged to burns for his anthem 2 and the other one that belonged to Gerber for his us/them, nevermind the park rider noracup, even he felt weird about that i’m sure. Look at xgames, they got their shit right, sure Hango is not the most popular rider but his videopart was best and he was awarded accordingly.

    1. The pros are the ones who vote and the criteria is simple, “who rode the best this year.” Not who is your favorite rider. Gerber was runner up for video part last year, so he definitely had a lot of people voting for him. If we were to switch up the judging format, what do you suggest?

      1. Yes I know who is voting, and that is why I said it is a popularity contest. Do you honestly belive that every pro(who gets to vote)analyzes every video and decides who would be the right pick or maybe they are like “fuck it, of course i’m voting for my homie”. And park rider does not make any sence at all. If we are talking park/transition or even street it should be a combination of edits and contest results. As for suggestion about video parts you need “video nerd” judges, again this year’s real bmx is a really good example. And I’m not saying you can’t have popularity contest because you can and that is Reader’s choice but other categories should have more strict judging done by professionals(talking about judges not riders).

        1. NORA is and always will be subjective, so there will always be an element to debate. Leaving it up to the riders is what makes NORA Cup special in many ways and I genuinely feel they get it right %95 of the time, but yes, there will always be some controversy. Having us or a panel of “experts” choose the winners just takes the legitimacy/respect/honor out of the award and that’s not the goal.

          1. How so? Experts that have to watch and then discuss videos and take a second-third look at it are somehow less legit than riders who likely won’t do that? I get that the idea is “from riders to riders” or something like that, but there is reason why the mechanic and rallycar driver are not the same person. I think it would be more legit if there was a panel of judges who are dedicated to the video craft, guys like Rigal, Brownlee, Donnacie, Forne people who actually don’t look at only the riding, but also how the video is shot/put together. Where is the honor in voting for your buddy, knowing the other guy was better?

          2. Would the rally driver rather receive an award from the the mechanic or his fellow drivers? I don’t abhorrently disagree with your approach, but you’re missing the “soul” of the award.There’s around 420 people on the voting list and people voting for their buddy most definitely happens, but those votes tend to not count/get cancelled out in the end. Using those four people you listed, I can pretty much guarantee that Alex and Christian voted for Enarson over Burns/Gerber and they’d probably stick by those votes today…not sure the end result would be any different.

          3. Where is the honor in voting for your friend knowing, or worse by not knowing, the other guy deserved it more? Favoritism is not “legit”. Don’t take bias for respect. Do all the voting pro’s even watch the vids? Being pro at riding does’t automatically make you video expert. Never forget Dakota’s part in Endsearch!

  3. I think Lewis mills deserves the rider of the year. He eclat part was absolutely amazing and he has such a good style in riding.

  4. Logie all the way🙏
    I use to, like many others, discourage his ‘lack of trick diversity’. but as a fellow Aussie and aspiring athlete, he works everyday with everything he has. By God it shows.

  5. Hobie Doan.
    He has been pushing himself to the limits showing what he can do since the start of his pro career.

  6. Angie Marino is definitely the dude this year, seriously US cycling team, Vans Global team, the launching of and the boycott of the X-Games with the other girls in order to give women more recognition and develop the sport
    Thats “putting in the work” I reckon

  7. Courage has put together an awesome vans video part. You can clearly see how he has gain a name for himself, not been able to travel abroad. He is worldwide known due to his incredible balance skills. Plus he is an incredible guy with and without the bike. Nothing else to be said.

  8. Matt Ray so friggin good and at everything he touches not just a single discipline I also feel he doesn’t get that much hype but he deserves to be blown up. Just my opinion. Love his riding

  9. Stuck between Jason Watts and Boyd Hilder. Went for Boyd Hilder in the end based on pure progression. Jason has been killing it for a long time now.

  10. Dakota Roche has been killing it hard , dude is 30ish now an still smashing it looks he’s 18 !!! Check out his vids this year! You won’t be let down .

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