Yesterday, a large portion of Madera’s team announced that they were no longer riding for the brand. This included Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, Dan Kruk, Mike Stahl, Taylor Thompson, Jeff Dowhen, Jesse Romano, and Isaiah Johnson, and filmer/rider Grant Castelluzzo. You can click each person’s name to read their individual statement. The only two remaining riders on Madera are Dylan Mccauley and Tom Villareal. Dylan made the following statement on Instagram Story (which we can’t embed, so I’m quoting him): “…Anyone quitting @maderabmx is making a big mistake, Madera is not accountable for what Mike H did. And the fact that he as a team manager cant take blame for his own actions makes me so fucking upset… The fact that this whole thing happened before more than half of the team was on the team makes me want to cry. Some of my team members are leaving and that hurts me. We are a family and a team. FAMILY first. We as Madera aren’t racist and I’m not going to let one person let everything have done die. As as that is to say, it’s the fucking truth.” In a second post, Dylan continued: “[Mike H] is not racist and anyone that thinks that is a fool. Mike has done more for BMX then most people has [sic] lived… but I do think as a rider for Madera, Mike needs to confront his own actions! Hate me, but I’m real and I will never fake my thoughts or mind.”

UPDATE : Both Dylan Mccauley and Tom Villareal have released statements that they have left the team, meaning that Madera has officially no team.

This exodus comes as backlash from a story from former Madera team rider Sean Morr posted recounting the Madera team manager using a racial slur on a team trip in 2012 and his following experience with the brand. The team manager posted a (now deleted) apology to his personal instagram, but did not directly admit that he actually said what was reported by Sean. Last night, Jake Seeley announced his departure from the team, then within an hour, Madera announced that they were letting the team manager go and went on to condemn any form of racism. From that point, the rest of the riders began announcing their departure…

It’s unclear whether riders are leaving the brand because they no longer wished to be associated with Madera or if they were unhappy with the team manager’s release.

As of now, the Madera website and youtube is no longer public and the future status of the brand is unknown. We at Our BMX have/had a good standing relationship with the people at Madera and hope that others can see past the actions of one person and not let it reflect on a team of hard-working people who love BMX through and through. We also understand and strongly believe that there is no room in prejudice and it cannot be tolerated, especially within BMX.

8 thoughts on “Madera Team Quits (Well, Most Of them)

  1. It is possible they had issues and TM used his TM privilege, not to be confused with white privilege, to get rid of him.
    And I understand his frusration of trying hard but not getting further. Alot of us, who have been riding for years have felt that, but at some point you have to realise that you are not on that level.
    Riders quiting are kinda pathetic, unless there is some major bts stuff going on. Jumping the bandwagon because it is topical, instead of trying save it.. Just get a new TM and be done with it. As if the brand did anything wrong or the people who actually manufacture parts have anything to do with it.
    The biggest joke is the dude asking why is there usually two, one or zero black riders? To me it seems like some teams go out of their way to add a token black dude just because they could have one.
    If TM is racist who got Sean on the team tho, that is what I want to know?

  2. Where have they been all these 8 years? did they have a brain injury? why they didn’t figure it out then, but only now. it’s hypocrisy and hype.

  3. So a dude (Mike H.) who chose to spend several years teaching kids in Ecuador is a racist? The guy who is known for discussing ethics in BMX hates poc? Sounds to me like he got heated in a moment and said something that 8 years later, he probably regrets. If it’s true and it happened, administrative action by his employer may very well be warranted, and he probably owes Morr one hell of an apology. However, the rest of us should be slower to judge, until we understand who he is now. People grow and learn, especially thoughtful people. Mike is an intelligent, thoughtful person. To suggest that he hasn’t grown in the past 8 years is absolutely insane.

  4. So is there any chance that I can be the new manager? I’m old and barely ride my bike anymore but I love riding bikes more than anyone and I get super pumped when people do awesome stuff, I’m good at wrangling cats and taking pictures, I can drive for 14 hours at a time without a break and I love finding spots

  5. Oh yeah and I’ve been an avid anti racist since 2001 . Literally spent most my teens beating up nazis while at punk shows/protecting the shows

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