Season 2, Episode 7. A few days before we sat down with Kris, he announced that he had been diagnosed—and cured—of melanoma skin cancer. Super heavy, but Kris kept it to himself. We sat down with Kris for a couple hours to discuss how getting sick has given him a fresh outlook on life.

0:00 – Kris just recently was diagnosed with skin cancer (jumping right into it)
25:23 – Kris’ fresh outlook after being cleared
41:00 – How Kris fit in with the Fast and Loose crew
45:30 – “I don’t really send it” Kris discusses his riding style
52:13 – Being a former Olympic racer
57:00 – “The golf cart” story
1:06:03 – “I’m not an all around rider”
1:11:00 – Kris has jumped a spine less than ten times
1:15:50 – What was the last trick you learned?
1:20:40 – Not understanding street tricks
1:22:35 – “How small are we compared to the galaxy?”

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