Dan Coller is tough as nails and so are his signature Kink Contender bars. Which are perfect for a taller rider who has seemingly no fear of the most giant rails and drops imaginable. You can get more info on the Contender bars below and at kinkbmx.com.

Dan Coller’s signature Contender bars are perfect for taller riders, coming in at a comfortable 9.75” rise. The Contender bars are the first set of bars from Kink to offer pre-defined cutting grooves at 0.25” intervals. Coming with a stock 29.5” width, they can easily be cut down to 29”, 28.5”, 28” or 27.5” without breaking out the tape measure. Made from 13-butted chromoly tubing, and our TruTherm post weld heat treatment process, ensures these bars can stand up to all kinds of riding. Being ridden and trusted by Dan Coller daily, can attest to the Contender bars strength.

Shot by Darryl Tocco.

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