Kink is getting ready to drop their line of complete bikes for 2021 and they look great, especially that Nathan Williams signature model. Available soon at your local Kink dealer (Late June for the USA and sooner internationally). Hit this link to check out the entire line. Here’s what Kink has to say;

Progression is a word you hear often in BMX, it’s something that draws many of us to BMX in the first place. To get better, to go faster, to go higher, to grow. This holds true with the Kink BMX brand. To make our products better, to make them stronger, to make them better looking. What gets us there is our devotion to persistence, and our progression simply can’t happen without it. Each year re-visiting every single aspect of what we could do better, and not stopping until we’ve made it happen. This persistence has truly paid off in our 2021 bike line-up.

All-new for 2021 is the Switch, a bike that is just about as swaggy and street as you can get. The Switch is stacked with great parts, including the Kink F900 4-piece bars, Kink Chinaski Stealth seat, Mission Deploy freecoaster, and Mission nylon pegs. Everything gets tied together with a fresh gravity- fade paint job and a tumbled raw stem.

The Williams, Nathan Williams signature model, has seen some solid upgrades this year too. A new Martinez signature stem upfront and an all-new Cinema wheelset. The ZX hubs, including the new ZX freecoaster rear hub, come stock with Cinema nylon hub guards and are laced up to the all-new Cinema 444 rims. This bike is still loaded up with aftermarket parts, and the Mirror Red colorway really sets this bike apart.

We are very proud to introduce the 2021 Kink BMX bike line, and continue making the best BMX bikes possible year after year. Thank you for sharing our love of BMX, and thank you for supporting Kink BMX.”

The 2021 Williams Complete, loaded with Kink and Cinema goods (including a ZX Freecoaster)
The 2021 Switch Complete is nothing to scoff at either, Kink and Mission components that are built to last in the streets
The 2021 Drifter, great for a run to the store or a casual cruise around town

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