As you’ll read below, the people behind FISE have a long standing relationship with the city of Montpellier, France. With the current situation in the world, it’d be pretty easy for the FISE crew to say, “see you next year.” But instead, they’ve taken all the prize money (note that the actual prize purse is 47,000 euros, which equates to ~53,000 US dollars) from FISE Montpellier and rolled it into a rather monolithic (especially since it includes BMX, skate, wakeboard, scooter, and more) online video contest known as E-FISE. The online contest is a full go, so read an interview with FISE’s Sport Director, Johan Berthonneau, about the motivation and details behind E-FISE…and then start stacking clips.

Jose Torres. Photo: Zielinski

How many years have you guys been holding FISE Montpellier? 
The first ever FISE Montpellier was in 1997, so we’ve been hosting action sports events in the city for 23 years.

It may well have been easier to cancel the event and skip a year, what lead to the decision of E-FISE? Was it important for you guys to continue in the Montpellier tradition?
We could never imagine just cancelling the event, we knew we had to find a way to host an event of some kind. For us, FISE is a tool to share our passion and the values of our sports. It was impossible to run FISE Montpellier physically, so instead we decided to move it online. We’ve previously hosted some smaller video contests (Defise, 21seconds) which worked well, so we thought we could try and take that experience into an even bigger international online contest, and that’s how the E-FISE was born. We also wanted to find a way to keep sharing the Montpellier Prize Money for the riders.  Some guys really rely on contest money, so we thought it could be a good help for them to receive a bit of prize money, in order to continue to living their dreams. 

What classes and disciplines will be offered for BMX?
Three disciplines are open for BMX: Park, Street, and Flatland. In each discipline riders can choose between four classes: Pro Men, Pro Women, Amateur Men, and Amateur Women 

Who can enter, how, and when?
Everyone can enter for free. It’s really easy, riders just need to go on the E-FISE website and upload their video. The submissions dates are the following:
MONTPELLIER BMX FREESTYLE PARK CONTEST :  July 27 – August 4, 2020 – 23h59 GMT
BMX STREET CONTEST: August 13 – 21, 2020 23h59 GMT
BMX FLATLAND CONTEST : August 17 – 25, 2020 23h59 GMT

Ryan Nyquist. Photo: Zielinski

Why was it important for you guys to include an amateur class in each category?
It always been important for FISE to include amateurs in our competitions…even Junior or Veteran when we can make it happen. FISE is not only a pro comp or a TV program, it’s always been a Festival where everyone can express themselves, enjoy the awesome parks, live and share their passions. So we were committed to providing those same categories by gender and by level for E-FISE as well.

What’s the contest format?

On the park side, are resi clips allowed? 
No resi, air bags, or foam pit allowed for E-fise. 

How do people find music for their edits?
We have a partnership with Universal Music so riders just need to go on our E-FISE platform where they have access to a data base of more than 3000 songs. Every rider can log in, choose their song, and use it for their video. 

Jose Torres. Photo: Zielinski

Will the filming/editing be judged or is this only about the riding (and if it is, will those filming be awarded, too)?
Everything counts. The overall impression of the performance including difficulty, flow, style, originality, versatility, consistency, variety of tricks, control of the tricks, bike control, landing, execution, sport progression, and of course, the quality and originality of the video also counts. The e-fise contest awards the videos, so it’s up to the riders how they want to work with camera guys and editors, or even if they want to work on it alone—it’s up to them.In each category, there is also a best trick and the best line prize which will be awarded separately.

Is there a fan voting element?
Yes, fans will be able to watch and vote for the videos they like on the E-FISE website. We hope the fan voting is a good way to make the contest more interactive and also help to get a wider audience seeing the videos. We want to show to the world the variety, fun, performance, and values of our sports, like we do at our physical events. We know that kids are buying bikes and starting riding after seeing BMX at FISE events, so we hope to share the same inspiration through E-FISE.

When and where will these videos be able to be seen?
It will be easy to watch and vote straight on the website, which is Each discipline has its own page and of course the riders will also share their videos on social media.

Will E-FISE continue or is the plan to move back to traditional in person events?
More E-FISE events could be an option, but of course the plan is to keep traditional, physical events going. The FISE crew is actually working hard in order to build a big 2021 Series; but of course, it’s all pending with the Covid situation. We can’t wait to see everyone all around the world again.

Thank you guys for retooling and giving BMX a contest platform to shine this year…did we miss anything that you’d like to add?
As mentioned a big part of why we decided to host an E-FISE was for us to be able to continue supporting riders with prize money. We have committed to providing at least the same amount of Prize Money per discipline as our 2019 event.  We also decided to add a fundraising element, so people can donate to increase the prize money for each discipline, if they wish. The more donations received the more riders that will receive prize money.

A breakdown of classes and prize purses are below. Please head to for complete info and to enter.

BMX Park.
Men’s purse:
E-Contest – 15,000€
Best Trick – 500€
Best Line – 500€

Women’s Purse:
E-Contest – 7,500€
Best Trick – 250€
Best Line – 250€

BMX Flatland.
Men’s Purse:
E Contest – 9,000€

Women’s Purse:
E-Contest – 3,000€

BMX Street.
Men’s Purse:
E-Contest – 8,000€
Best Trick – 500€
Best Line – 500€

Women’s Purse:
E-Contest – 2,000€
Best Trick – 500€
Best Line – 500€

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