The annual FBM Open House was a day full of DIY awesomeness. With a heavy session on ghetto rail, a tour of the FBM shop and frame building demonstration, and finally, a session at the local Ithaca park. Good times.

This years annual FBM open house went down a little earlier than previous years. With reports of possible rain in the forecast, the crew pushed on getting stuff together for an awesome day. Things started off with people rolling in pretty fast and soon enough the place was hoppin’ and people were already warming up and sending bangers. After the heavy warm up session by everyone and their brother, it was time for the DIY rail jam—featuring a rail a lot of you might recognize from the ghetto street jam. Once it was time for people to send it, unsurprisingly, things did not start off lightly. And it only got more out of hand as the day went on. The most impressive thing wasn’t really what these shredders were doing, but what they were doing it on. Once the DIY jam wrapped up, the crowd went inside the FBM shop for a quick ramp demo and a tour complete with a frame building demonstration from the head welder at the FBM shop, John Corts. To round out the day the group made their way down to the local skatepark in Ithaca, NY, where hip trains followed by hip trains and even more until it was finally time to hit the sleep cycle. I hope to provide even a glimpse of how awesome the day was with these photos from throughout the day. Thanks to Crandad, Mike Erbles, John Corts, and John Lee for making this happen and continually giving back to the BMX community.

Words and photos by: Tom Beckman

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