Promoting equality and peace through BMX—Long Beach style.

These are tumultuous times we’re currently living in. And whatever your beliefs may be, if you want to make a difference and help make a change, you need to speak up and act. That’s exactly what Long Beach local Linwood Monk did with Pedal For Peace. To say that Linwood (@bosshog) is outspoken about his beliefs is an understatement—and this past weekend he channeled that energy in a positive direction with Pedal For Peace. The ride began at Long Beach City Hall and ended at a jam with a box jump/hip setup at the beach parking lot below Bixby “Cherry” Park—where a Reggae band was coincidentally playing a mere ten feet away. In true Long Beach fashion, the event quickly turned into a melting pot of people from all walks of life getting together and having a good time. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but every effort helps us all in move the right direction, and Pedal for Peace did exactly that.


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