12 minutes of rawness from Bjarki Hardarson’s welcome to Subrosa edit (see below).

You’ve probably seen Bjarki Hardarson’s name popping up on the internet quite a bit lately. First he was added to the Subrosa, and then soon after dropped a BANGIN Welcome video. Then Swampfest came along and he proceeded to shred everything and was the only rider to make it across the Subrosa Swamp Rail! Now he’s back to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the crashes, smashes, struggles and glory that went into the making of his welcome video.

Filmed By

Jabe Jones- https://www.instagram.com/jabejones/

Jona Jahchan- https://www.instagram.com/jonajahchan/

Edited By

Bjarki Hardarson- https://www.instagram.com/bjarkiharda

Jona Jahchan- https://www.instagram.com/jonajahchan/

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