12 minutes of pleasure courtesy of Dig, Etnies, Peter Adam, Felix Prangenberg, Benny L, Daniel Portorreal, Miki Fleck, Phil Martin, and Jordan Okane.

Our DIG Territories series continues with a special trip with etnies to every street riders favorite destination – Barcelona. The crew consisted of Felix Prangenberg, Barca veteran Benny L, Daniel Portorreal, BCN resident Miki Fleck and first-timers Phil Martin and Jordan Okane – all with DIG’s Peter Adam at the helm of the production duties. Needless to say it turned into a ‘Audio Visual’ delight. Sit back and enjoy 12 minutes of wild moves and narration from the crew and make sure you watch all the way through for a ridiculous ender from Jordan on a classic Barca spot! A DIG BMX Production In conjunction with: https://www.etnies.com/ Visit our website for more BMX videos – http://digbmx.com

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