Fise has gone all digital for 2020, with Covid-19 canceling events worldwide. As you may well know by now, “E-Fise” a video-based contest has been born and Pro along with Amateur BMXers will compete in Park, Street, and Flatland. Videos are dropping daily, but we already have videos from Kevin Peraza, Pat Casey, Nick Bruce, Irek Rizaev, Kostya Andreev, and lots of other heavy hitters. Click here to watch the videos or hit the image below.

The Park contest is well on its and you have until August 9th to vote on your favorite video, which will help choose which 8 riders will make finals. 50% Fan vote and 50% Judge vote is how 8 finalists will be chosen to go into a head to head battle.

From there, the top 8 riders will film an all new video for the finals. The finals podium will be determined 100% by fan voting, so make sure to check the schedule below and log into regularly to vote on your favorite video.

E-Fise Competition Format

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