It’s no stretch to say that the MarieJade crew is synonymous with “quality”. From the riding, to the videos and clothing, these guys never seems to fall under a certain standard of excellence. MarieJade’s new full length No Future is the final belt notch of MarieJade’s outstanding releases over the last ten years.

No Future is almost entirely filmed in the streets of France and Spain, toting full sections from Nico Badet, Tom Deville, Alex Valentino, Leo Balay, Alex Kennedy, Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb. The video comes in at a solid runtime of 44:25.

Let’s start with the riding itself; the video kicks off to a full section from pegless connoisseur, Nico Badet. This opening section is brimming with original riding and unique spots. I don’t want to give away his ender, but it’s one of the heavier moves I have seen go down on the gap to hubba ledge in Lyon.

From there we roll straight into a solid section from Tom Deville (another amazing last clip), followed by a mix of Arnaud Wolff, Nicolas Terrez, Tommy Lauque and Kevin Kalkoff. Can you even go wrong with a lineup like that?

Then Alex Valentino’s part hits, this one might be my personal favorite. Alex’s spot selection is on point, expect to see numerous street transitions and curved wall spots used to maximum potential. Alex also delivers a couple notable 180 handplants.

Following Alex are two mix section’s with Winai Khampheethoon, Remi Dumoulin, Rolland Pellegrin, Anthony Clain, Renaud Coquillon and Benoit Gea, Leo Balay, Fathead, Fooman, Simone Barraco, Jonathan Gass and more.

Alex Kennedy, Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb round the final three parts video and you already know they’re each heavy.

AK’s section has a distinctly raw feel to it. There are a number of X-up moves peppered into this section, all of which are awesome. Alex’s last clip really delivers and with superb use of the spot.

Next up is Anthony Perrin, coming straight of his NORA Cup winning Federal FTS section. Anthony’s No Future section is a bit of an understated onslaught, given that the song is fairly experimental. As always, Anthony displays a firm grip on technical riding and applies it to a variety set ups.

Joris Coulomb’s section delivers. Straight up. Tech combos, spot usage, mind blowing balance and burly moves, this part runs the gamut. Definitely the type of section you need to watch a couple times to fully absorb. No surprises as to why this was chosen to close out the video.

On the filming/editing side, No Future is deserving of some major props. No Future is far from your average “crew” video and it’s clear that MarieJade had a distinct vision for it from the very beginning.

No Future has great production value, all while being shot on a fairly bare bones DSLR set up. A fixed focal length on long lens shots go a great way in adding cinematic feeling to the video and Alex killed it with the fisheye as well.

Music plays a major role in No Future, 100% of the music is a collaboration with independent artists. Each artist featured has a short montage/music video each shot by Alex between some of the sections. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t want to see this in most BMX videos I watch. That being said; stylistically, these montages fit perfectly in No Future.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this video, No Future totes a list of talented riders, mouth watering spots and dialed work behind the lens. For any street rider or viewer concerned with production value, this is the video for you.


2 thoughts on “Video Review: MarieJade – No Future

  1. If you have good internet go enjoy your video in glorious 1080p, if you don’t go fuck yourself and enjoy the “loading/buffering the video”. No dvd or download? I am dissapointed!

    1. Clearly I am an idiot, there is a download option. Sick video, kinda hoped to see a certain trick out of joris that he was trying during simple session best trick, maybe next time. He killed it.

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