After nearly 3 years, Kink BMX’s long awaited full length, “Champagne”, has finally dropped. With a stacked lineup of full sections from Nathan Williams, Travis Hughes, Agustin Gutierrez, Calvin Kosovich, Dan Coller, Hobie Doan and Chad Osburn plus Darryl Tocco at helm behind the lens, there’s almost no question that this video is gonna bang. 

Champagne gets popping straight out the gates, no pun intended. The intro to the video makes it abundantly clear just how much work the Kink squad has been putting in since the project began in April of 2017. You can’t beat the look of bodies and bikes hitting the floor at 200 frames per second…

Travis Hughes is first at bat and kicks things off with an unreal display of tech moves and straight bangs. Whether he’s using pegs or tires, no rail is off limits for Travis. Literally too many amazing rail clips to name them all…Just prepare yourself for your jaw to smack the floor. Great to see a few choice moves from Travis’ cousin Jacob Cable in there as well.

Depending on if you keep your ear to the streets, you may or may not already be familiar with Agustin Gutierrez. Agus is more than likely Kink’s most low-key rider, but his section is far from it. The Barcelona resident came through with the creme de la creme hammers for his Kink Champagne section and what may be his first “real” full part. Catch Agus swerving past pedestrians at high speeds, putting steel pegs on everything in sight. This section is as raw as it gets.

Following Agus, four pegged brethren Calvin Kosovich takes the stage. As you can probably guess, this section is grind-heavy. Calvin tee’s off on a number of XL sized rails, bringing out some seriously scary looking tooth variations. Switch hanger, check. Second stage hanger, check. Second stage snaggle, check. Second stage switch snaggle, check. The list goes on and on, and it’s hard not to get stoked at the clip by clip progression of it all.

You might want to strap on your helmet for the next section, cause Chad Osburn’s part will bang you over the head! After getting bodied and smacking his face on a gnarly gap to tires down on a massive hubba, Chad runs right back up the stairs and gets it done…and that’s only the first 20 seconds in. You’ll find nothing but high energy shredding from the streets to bowl transition in Chad’s part. 

Hobie Doan joined the Kink squad more than halfway through the filming of this video and likely had the least amount of time to film a section, but you’d never know it from watching. Hobie lays down banger after banger in his Champagne section, and will probably leave you asking yourself how in the hell he hops so high or has so much bike control. Hobie’s last clip is definitely one for the books…

If there’s one feel-good section in the video, it’s gotta be Dan Coller’s. From the song selection, to the sheer scale of every spot he rides, Dan’s part hits you in the gut. If you put all the rails that Dan grinds in this section together, it would probably stretch from Rochester to California. Dan and his pegs are in it for the the long haul.

As you probably guessed, Nathan Williams holds down the last section of Champagne and it’s a god damn mind melting masterpiece. Nathan’s fusion of tech, burly and spot usage is modern day street riding at it’s very finest and dare I say, his best section to date? You will need to watch this multiple times to fully comprehend the madness. 

This probably goes without saying but Kink veteran rider, Darryl Tocco, handled the film/edit duties on “Champage”. It’s safe to say that the final product of Darryl’s hard work was a finely polished video. Though Darryl used some of the most cutting edge tools available to film with, “Champagne” is not overly produced and has the heart and soul of the BMX videos we’ve grown up with. Treading a fine line like that is no easy task.

All in all, “Champagne” is a MUST SEE for all street riders. Kink’s team runs the gamut of style and culminates in a well-rounded video that will get any rider stoked to step out the door and rip down the block.

Fortunately for you, Kink is offering a free DVD with ANY order from their website. So hit and scoop a copy today!

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