After two years of filming, roughly 100 miniDV tapes, and a deadline no one saw coming (a months-long, worldwide COVID lockdown), WeThePeople has released their latest full-length video, Out Of Line. Let’s jump right in…

Aside from the typical digital download, WTP is offering a package that includes a hardcover book featuring photos from the filming process and a flash drive pre-loaded with the video.

The video kicks off with a montage of the team at various locations around the globe mixed with some footage of various wacky street people they encountered along their travels (shoutout to that guy puking behind the trashcan). You can tell these guys logged a lot of miles putting this video together.

The tone quickly shifts as the first riding section begins from none other than Canada’s Dillon Lloyd. The dude rides with the balls and precision of a goddamn Terminator. Overall, a super solid section of burly stunts mixed with incredible technical prowess, last clip is a jaw dropper fo’ sho’.

Raw Power. Photo: Mo Nussbaumer

Next up is a big mix section kicked off with some heavy rail moves from Chocolate Truck homie (and WTP AM) John Yoh. This is the first time in the video we see an NBD on the infamous Williamsburg gap to rail but it won’t be the last. Folowing John is a nice mix of WTP’s expansive international crew and even a cameo from filmer Grant Castelluzo. Day-one WTP pro and OG tailwhip master Max Gaertig wraps it all up with a single clip that will leave you shaking your head.

John Yoh probably shotgunned a beer right before this switch hanger in NYC. Photo: @instabastard

Dan Kruk is up next with an offering every bit as heavy as his part in Madera’s AB…wait…I mean his “Destroyer Of Rails” section. In the middle of the section, where normal riders have filler clips, Dan has stuff like switch predator grind to hard 540. Yes, really. Dude really is next level with the tricks and knows how to put them to good use when a setup is asking for it.

Dan enjoying some post clip celebration with the homies. Photo: Jeff Z

Jordan Godwin‘s part is a great representation of how dialed he really is. It’s no secret Godwin is a tech wizard and hard three guru, but there’s a dub hard three down a big rail with no kink that’s particularly unbelievable, even for Jordan.

Dialed icepick maneuver from Godwin as seen in the OOL hardcover book.

Felix Prangenberg has been on a tear the last few years and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. He wraps up the video with a multi-song section that has it all. It really seems like Felix can do any trick he wants and makes it all look way too casual. The last clip in the video is almost certainly an NBD but he makes it look like a walk in the park.

This feeble hard truck was probably light work for Felix. Photo: Jeff Z

Overall, WeThePeople’s Out of Line is an awesome video jam-packed with progressive riding from some of today’s top pros, and for only $7 for either digital download or a pre-loaded USB stick how can you go wrong? Click the photo below or right here to pick one up!

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