"Home is where you drop your anchor."

Eric Holladay is a wild dude. A true BMXer. Any terrain, any time, he’s ready to shred, and have a great time doing it. He could be pulling off a super unique street move, roasting the big lines at Catty Woods brakeless, or shooting off fireworks in his own living room…whatever he’s up to, he has a huge smile on his face and more than likely with his dog Burley at his side. How does a guy like Holladay get down in the streets? Let’s see…

Handplants are super photogenic, case in point…
Photo: Steve Crandall

Kicking it off with the basics, name, age, sponsors, etc:

Eric Holladay, I’m 31, and would like to thank FBM, Profile Racing, and Animal for all the support over the years.

So let’s talk street riding, you wake up in the morning, planning to go out for a day of riding, what are you doing to get ready?

I do some yoga after I wake up, breathe, meditate, stretch, have some coffee and perhaps a fruit smoothie. Then I get going to the spot.

Do you like to watch videos before you ride? If so do you have one in particular that always gets you siked?

 I definitely don’t watch videos. I get right with my mind and centered in, that gets me siked.

You get to the first spot, out of the car what are you doing? Stretching? Trying to find a little warm up spot? Sending it right off the jump?

 I usually might look at the spot, maybe take a feeler run, then start sending it right off the jump.

Cranked lookback off an oddly personified manhole cover
Photo: Matt Coplon

What is your preferred size crew to hit the streets with? Some people prefer riding alone, some people like every session to be like a jam, where do you fall on that spectrum?

 Just a couple of my good friends in the streets always makes for a good session. These days I seem to cruise solo, so it is always a treat to cruise with the homies. I prefer not to ride in big groups or jams. I’ll only ride a in a jam that I am supporting or a part of or throwing.

Are you conscious of what you eat before/during/after riding?

 Yes, absolutely. Stay strong, stay healthy!

In your opinion, what is the best temperature for outside sessions?

 For me, I love hot, sunny weather anywhere from 80 to 95 degrees, full sun.

Judging by the fact that he’s shirtless, you could guess this day was right in the 80-95 degree range that Holladay prefers to shred in.
Photo: Dillon Leeper

Say it’s freezing, like ice cold, are you heading to the indoor park or bundling up and hitting the streets regardless?

 Bundling up and hitting the streets.

Do you prefer to pedal or drive from spot to spot? Which do you end up doing more often?

 I prefer to pedal unless I’m going to another town, city, or a spot super far away, then I’ll drive.

What’s in your bag when you go out riding? Do you carry tools? Tubes? Wax?

 I usually cruise with no tools, no wax, no tubes, bare bones, bare back. Traveling light and free.

You get a flat, are you patching ‘er up or putting in a fresh tube?

Fresh tube for sure. I’m usually bumming a tube off someone and asking, “You got a 17?”

Pedal feeble to turndown in Memphis, Tennasee
Photo: Kaleb Bolton

Do you ever ride with headphones?

Yea I rock with the Bluetooth earpiece these days. Jamming out and taking business calls at the spot.

This wouldn’t be a fair assessment of how someone rides street without this question, do you like to partake in any extra curriculars while riding (smoking/drinking/etc.)?

I fully support extra curricular activities that stimulate the mind, body and soul. To each his own.

 As long as I’ve known you you’ve always rode pegless, have you ever rode pegs? Even as a kid or anything?

The last time I rode pegs was probably 2005. I used to ride brakes, pegs on the left side, I would rock pegless a lot too though. I took my pegs and brakes off in 2006 and never put either back on.

No pegs needed for this super weird polejam to dumpster grind setup.
Photo: Steve Crandall

In the same vein do you ride those axel nubs or just straight bolts? Do you think they make a big difference for pegless grinds?

I just ride straight bolts. I feel like nubs don’t really help as you are really just locking in on the drop out for pegless grinds.

You have a lot of unique tricks and ideas present in your riding, where do you draw influence from?

Man…I’ll be sitting at work, or just randomly doing my thing and these crazy ideas always come into my head. I want to say mostly when I’m working, I’ll ponder “hmmm I wonder if that’s possible on this particular setup”. I’ll go give it a try and it always seems to work. I feel that you can do anything you put your mind to. If you can dream it you can make it a reality.

Holladay probably came up with this one while selling a boat. Double tire slide on a “spot” 99.9% of riders wouldn’t even look twice at.
Photo: Seamus McKeon

The 360 pedal/pole spin thing has become a signature move of sorts for you, looks super fun when you pull it off, got any tips for the kids out there thinking about trying one?

Yea I love that move. It’s one of those moves that just came into my head and I have been experimenting with some combinations of that maneuver on different setups/poles. For all you kids out there trying that one be sure to put a stamp on it [do something to make it your own].

I know you’ve spent a lot of time on the road, with FBM and otherwise, if you had to pick your favorite city, or even favorite region, that you’ve ever rode in what would it be?

NYC is by far favorite city to ride in. There are many amazing cities out there but nothing like NYC. The Northeast/East Coast has the best spots in the US in my opinion, however there are amazing spots EVERYWHERE.

Tall, steep, harsh kink…doesn’t matter, Holladay’s always ready to throw down
Photo: Steve Crandall

Recently you ended up in a crazy situation in Baltimore where you ended up with a bullet through your windshield, was that during a riding mission or just something random? What actually happened with that?

It was super random. So I was leaving my buddy Dink’s DIY spot in early June last year. It was summertime in the evening and I was going to do some suspension work on my van after the session at Dink’s house down the way. It was still broad daylight. We pulled out onto Washington Blvd going underneath I-95. There were about 10+ cars including myself at a dead stop at the stoplight just before the bridge by the the Italiano’s Restaurant. A young boul pulled up on a dirtbike, with a wife beater and a ski mask, riding along on the double yellows. He went right past me and unloaded a full clip into the Chevy truck directly in front of me, point blank. As the light turned green the truck and the boul on the dirtbike were peeling off. As soon as this dude opened fire I swore I looked down the barrel of his gun as he sprayed towards my van with his terrible aim and I watched the bullet come out the barrel and blast through my windshield. I did this matrix move and some how ducked under toward the left by my foot brake and curled up underneath my steering wheel. I ended up locking my foot brake in doing so and in a panic after I drove down the street and had to hop out ‘cause I thought my tires had been shot out too. It all happened in a split second. I got out, wiped my body to see if I had been hit, and was saying out loud, “Did I get hit?!?” I walked past my windshield and saw the bullet hole, then went to check Burley [his dog] in the middle row captain’s chairs ‘cause she was sitting upright in the chair. I said “Have you been hit Burley?!?” I wiped her down and she was just chilling like nothing happened. I saw she was good so I walked around then saw that a bullet went through my windshield and out the back rear window. I then found a bullet casing and a bullet hole in my driver seat right where my heart would have been if I didn’t duck. Life is a blessing and I’m so glad to be here.

Turndown in the heart of Baltimore
Photo: Dillon Leeper

That’s insane man, glad you’re still with us. I know Burley is out riding with you all the time and goes on trips and stuff. How much does she actually tag along? Does she come to spots with you or usually just the skatepark and such?

Burley is my dog and that girl has been around the block and back. She has been on many FBM and Profile trips. Swampfests, beaches, mountains, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, you name it. She has traveled the country and lived in a van for several years and lived on the water on a sailboat with me for over a year. She’s been to over 46 states and has lived on the East and West coast. She has dodged bullets, been attacked by vicious pit bulls, had over 40 staples in her side and still rolls strong. She’s a fuckin’ miracle, I can’t believe she’s still alive…shit, I can’t believe I’m still alive. I bring her to street spots, she used to pull me from spot to spot, trekking 6-10 miles throughout any city. But she’s about to be eleven years old now and can’t pull me like she used to. She paces next to me and trails behind after a while now, before she used to pull me like a sleigh dog.  

This dog has been more places than most people. Holladay and Burley on an FBM trip (with a cameo from yours truly).
Photo: Steve Crandall

Wait, you’re living on a sailboat? That’s gotta be a unique experience, how did that come to happen and how does it compare to other living situations you’ve had in the past?
I did for a year, I’ve been on land for about 6 months now living with my lady (that I met sailing). However, I just got another boat to live on. It’s bigger, better, and fully ready to live aboard and sail down the coast to the Caribbean Islands. Which is what I plan to do in the near future. It’s been a learning experience for sure. I had a dream to learn how to sail, live on a boat, and work with boats on the water. So I got into working on boats, then quickly transitioned into selling them, as a career. I moved back to the East Coast after a stint in California in late August 2017. I drove back then went right on the FBM/Profile Maiden America Tour from the FBM warehouse in Ithaca down to NYC and Philly. After that wrapped up, I bought a boat on September 1st. That boat was a wild, fun time. It was small and rough around the edges but I had a blast on it. Lived well with a free, open heart and had a great time. Now I’m stepping it up to the next level with a nice luxurious sailing vessel, a cruiser yacht with all the creature comforts. I can’t wait to see what unfolds next in my life-on-the-water dream world. Living on the water is the most unique, peaceful, free feeling way of life. You’re just out there, away from the rat race and all the landlubber bullshit. I would rather live on my own boat than dump a bunch of money into a rental house and have nothing to show for it. It’s way better than having filthy or loud roommates not picking up after themselves and making noise all through the night. Living on a boat is also a great way to save money. It’s pure freedom, however…it’s not for the weak hearted either. Home is where you drop your anchor.

Always good times, coast to coast
Photo: Steve Crandall

Check out some of Eric’s awesome video parts below and then click right here to read more P’s and Q’s.

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