Japan’s Moto-Bunka crew are gearing up to release a new DVD with a well rounded cast of likeminded, international street riders. More from Moto-Bunka below:

“The concept of the DVD is a BMX connection with the world through Japan.
Initially, shooting began in 2016 with our thoughts to “Transmit Japanese riders who bring originality to the world”. Riders who have the same value on originality as us are joining this project now from also out of Japan.
Asia, USA, and Europe.

Over time, over the generations and over the national borders, BMX riders from all over the world are starting to cross over centered on Japan.
*Click the DV tape with the national flag pattern on the map of the official website to check the riders for each country. motobunka.com

The Premiere will be on The Culture Day of Japan in 2020″

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