Damn, where to start with this section. I feel like if it were to come out today, people would still be just as amazed. Butcher has so many bits of gold in his 2010 section of Animal Bikes ‘CUTS’ that it’s almost hard to keep track. So I jotted a handful of them down. From technical to straight bangers, Butcher ran the gambit. Stuff like this is timeless.

-Polejam and bump jump suicide no handers at :30 and 1:32 are too sick

-Brick ledge feeble gap smith over the garbage can is extra dope with the audio of both metal and plastic pegs.

-Feeb to X-up grind at 1:23

-Set up at 1:48 is just ridiculous

– People are just catching up to the two tech numbers at 1:57

-Gap to tire ride in the dark at 1:54

-180 smith half cab on the hubba at 2:12 is just perfect

-X-Up 40/60 at 2:15

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