FISE may look a little different this year in the sense that it’s morphed from an enormous spectacle of an in-person event to an online video contest, but it’s still chalk full of insanely progressive riding, on all terrains. Listed below are the top 8 qualifiers for Men’s Pro Street, Men’s Amateur Street, Women’s Pro Street, Men’s Pro Flatland, and Women’s Pro Flatland. Congrats to all the qualifiers, can’t wait to see what these guys (and gals) cook up for the finals!

Men’s Pro Street:

1st Place: Kevin Peraza

2nd Place: Dan Kruk

3rd Place: Courage Adams

4th Place: Chad Kerley

5th Place: Garrett Reynolds

6th Place: Demarcus Paul

7th Place: Alex Kennedy

8th Place: Alex Leibrock

Men’s Amateur Street Results:

  1. Juan Perez
  2. Fabio Riedl
  3. Giraldo Jefferson
  4. Bogdan Dragos
  5. Anthony Marin
  6. Brayan Barbosa
  7. Julio Verastegui
  8. Jonathan Fuentes

Women’s Pro Street Results:

  1. Anahi Valentina Molina
  2. Arina Azarova
  3. Angie Marino
  4. Gina Petrella

Men’s Pro Flatland Results:

  1. Jean William Provost
  2. Yu Katagiri
  3. Terry Adams
  4. Pakphum Poosa-Art
  5. Varo Hernandez
  6. Lee Musselwhite
  7. Matthias Dondois
  8. Alex Jumelin

Women’s Pro Flatland Results:

  1. Erin Fricke
  2. Julia Preuss
  3. Irina Sadovnik
  4. Paula Hesser

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