FIFTY THREE year old Brett Downs reminds us age really is just a number with his new edit all filmed over the last year. Backflips, airing out of crazy transitions (those pools at Roslyn park are no joke), and a variety of aesthetically pleasing flatland moves. Super inspiring!

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  1. Brett Downs: Defies stereotypes and physics pushing the facets of BMX progression

    Yes, Brett is a 53yr old rider, but that does not begin to skim the surface in regards to his dedication and influence within the BMX industry. Brett was a founding member of the “Plywood Hoods,” a rag-tag mess of kids who rode out of York, Pa (which subsequently became the epicenter for freestyle BMX innovation) as showcased in the Dorkin’ in York video series and self-published Aggro Rag fan zine. Brett still maintains a commanding presence within BMX by working as the East Coast rep for Sparkys Distribution (Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Bone Death) and continues to organize one of the larger and oldest running flatland jams (York Jam). The mantra of “ride everything” rings true to Brett as he can be found not only riding flatland in empty GIANT parking lots, but also street, park and trails throughout the Philly/York/Lancaster area. Brett has contributed to frame designs (Hoffman Big Daddy v1 and 2 in addition to the Haro Flatland Master reissue), multiple BMX publications and continues to volunteer with local BMX tracks, advocate for gender inclusion, and subsequently leads by example….. always looking out for the little guy. So… yes…. Brett is a “53-year-old Ripper”, however, he is so much more and the above lines here barely encompass all that he has done for our community. Love you Brett, and thank you for being a solid friend and positive influence <3. I see you.

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