Jeff Zielinski

Swampfest Carnage With the GT BMX Freestyle Team – 2019

The GT squad love Swampfest so much they brought even more riders down for the wild weekend this year, including Albert Mercado, Brian Kachinsky, Dan Conway, Leandro Moriera, as well as Tristen Cooper, Mad Mike Guth, and 16-year-old shredder Gustavo Balaloka from Brazil. The dudes put a hurting on the street/ramp course and hit plenty of laps on the trails too.

Mike Hinkens – Different Spokes Podcast

Mike Hinkens has been sparking up many interesting and thought provoking conversations via his Imprimatur site and podcast, and the folks at Different Spokes turned the table and hit Mike with the questions. Mike has a deep rooted history in BMX and the Midwest scene and this is a great listen.

The 4PEGS Mixtape

I love watching crew videos and getting exposed to new riders and seeing their spots and how they ride them. If you're into that sort of thing too, then rejoice with this 15-plus minute piece from the UK's 4Pegs crew.

Fit – Ethan Corriere Sleeper Bike Check

While you've been sleeping, Fit and Ethan Corriere have been working on his signature frame and pegs. Peep the photos and specs on Ethan's tech street certified Sleeper frame and new smaller diameter Sleeper pegs, which feature a chromoly ring insert to help keep the sleeve from crushing or any other unwanted interference while you're trying to get your grind on.

Haro – Lisbon 2019

Wow! Them Haro boys done good with this one! Lisbon provided the spots, Haro brought the diverse riding styles of Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Matthias Dandois, Ryan Nyquist, and Mike Gray, and Doeby Huynh delivered on the filming and edit. This is an amazing video, nothing else needs to be said.

S&M – Hey Chris What’s Up? – What Do YOU Wanna Know About S&M Bikes?

If you follow @moeller_chris on Instagram, then you're probably already familiar with the "Hey Chris What's Up?" videos. They're always entertaining and/or interesting and it was only a matter of time before S&M got it going on the old YouTube as well. They decided to go ahead and open the floodgates for Episode 1 and invite the viewers to comment on what they'd like to know about / see at S&M.

Fit – Keys To The Cage: Teaching a 4-year-old How to Build a Bike

This is probably going to be the cutest thing you'll see on the internet today. Chris Moeller (the dude at Fit/S&M) had his daughter Jeri head down to the cage at The Building to build up a fresh Fit 12" Misfit with help of uncle Dougie. Once you've had enough of the cuteness, think of a little shredder you know and hook 'em up or try to win the free Misfit by following the instructions at the end of the video.

S&M: Whammo Wednesday

Craig Passero is a clip getting machine—whether it's street, park, or trails. Here's a collection of absurd technical combos from the dude who can get a clip on anything. And that backward 60/40 was one of the best ones ever done.