Andy Magure became a father last year (congrats!) and naturally has had less time to get out and ride than ever before. Dad’s still got it though, last clip is huge! here’s what he had to say:

“I knew that when my son was born, big life changes were sure to come. I didn’t think I’d end up sitting on two years of footage, only to get around to editing it because I was in the midst of a global pandemic. The thing is, I’ve had most of this on a timeline over the course of those two years, but it never felt right. It felt incomplete, jumbled, and a little lazy, much like that junk drawer most people seem to have in their kitchen. But when I revisited this, I started to rearrange some footage and make changes that made this feel a little more forgiving to my previous expectations. Seeing it all again through the lens of being a father, husband, employee and a bike rider(with drastically reduced hours), it didn’t feel like I was settling short. We always want to better, but sometimes you actually find what you need in that junk drawer. Once it’s organized in a functional way, it no longer has to be this cringeworthy thing in your life. So this edit is to celebrate riding while taking on new responsibilities, appreciate those who have moved in and out of town, the crew that has been with me for over a decade, the music they make, and those who might not be able to ride. Times can be difficult, but bike riding has made us strong, flexible, and capable of overcoming so many obstacles in the physical and mental realm. Enjoy!

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