The pros have voted and here’s your top five nominees for NORA Cup Video Of The Year. Congrats to Always Fiending/Fiend, Champagne/Kink BMX, No Future/Marie Jade, Vacilando/Skapegoat, and Widdit/Animal Bikes.

Who’s got it this year?!

The pandemic won’t let us have a party this year, so we’ll be debuting winners online in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

I also have to thank the following brands for supporting/allowing NORA Cup to happen… Monster Energy, Vans Shoes, Vero, Source BMX, Profile Racing, Mongoose Bikes, Kink BMX, Subrosa, Stolen, Odyssey, Cult, Snafu, Haro Bikes, ODI Grips, Eclat, Sunday Bikes, GT BMX, Cinema, Colony, Pumped BMX’s Trail Boss, Bell Helmets, Shadow Conspiracy, Hyper Bike Co, and Eighties BMX.

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