Our first podcast with another person who has a (more successful) podcast. That person just so happens to be the legendary Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla. He’s done more in his life than pretty much everyone and he continues to push, explore, uncover, and talk more shit than most. Mike sits down for two solid hours to discuss riding, life, and laughs…

0:00 – Intro / Florideah Swampfest Grind Loop
9:49 – “Stunt footage in Forward ruined me in BMX”
16:00 – Muting Pro’s instagram
30:30 – Letting go his ego and finding his new identity
41:00 – Rooftop’s current riding level
49:00 – Everybody compliments Dennis again
53:38 – How much money he made off of Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX
58:30 – Driving 6000 miles for one clip
1:00:40 – Paul Blart Mall Cop
1:06:30 – Strangers in Danger
1:19:10 – Quitting base diving
1:29:00 – Pools and far off spots
1:43:30 – The Demarcus rail backflip
1:49:20 – 2021 plans & second round of Dennis compliments
1:58:00 – Corey Martinez snubbed Rooftop
2:00:10 – Where he got the nickname Rooftop

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