Leandro Moreira recently held a dirt jumping contest known as Super BMX Dirt at his local Caracas trails outside São Paulo, Brazil. The Caracas jumps are massive and they attracted a bunch of amazing South American riders, as well as US pros Anthony Napolitan and Mike “Hucker” Clark.

Intro: Anthony Napolitan
Photos: Victor Frezza & Andre Magarao

Brazil holds a special place in my heart. I’ve been going to Brazil since 2009 and the very first time I went, my friend Marcelo from Dream BMX took me to the Caracas trails because he knew I loved big dirt jumps. Carapicuíba is a city about 45 minutes outside of São Paulo—the largest city in Brazil. If you didn’t ride BMX you’d never know the jumps running along the city’s edge are one of the biggest and best dirt jump locations in the world to visit. These jumps have become the home of Leandro Moreira. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years and you don’t know who Leandro is then I suggest finding him on Instagram. Riding Dreamline sized jumps every day with a personality that’s driven to succeed is Leandro’s recipe for some of the most impressive tricks and combos that you’d only fantasize about having on lock.

Leandro is not only living the widely traveled life of a pro BMX rider, but he is also giving back to the community in Brazil. Unlike a lot of the locations you see in the highlight reels, Brazil is one of those countries that doesn’t get a massive contest showing. Leandro has pulled together all of his resources to not only put on an event for all the riders of South America, but to also share that with anyone from around the world who is willing to make the voyage.

The riders in South America are so gifted. Every time I come back to Brazil I’m able to witness the pure talent and progressive level of riding from Brazil and the surrounding countries. These riders are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to throwing down their best run on a dirt course and they are not afraid of failure even when the TV cameras in their face are being broadcasted to millions of homes throughout the entire country of Brazil.

In my opinion, when it’s all said and done the Super BMX event is one of the biggest BMX dirt events of the year. While it’s broadcasted to a nationwide audience it still holds that core feeling with good local vibes, food, and BMX memories that will last a lifetime. This is the type of event that I will keep going to for as long as it continues.

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