Steve Crandall shared the news with us about a new non-profit called RADshare, which he summed up as, “A non profit to help under resourced kids get safe and practical bikes, and helmets, and expose them to BMX, and the arts of fun. So far we have done ramp building, and screen printing ‘workshops’, started teaching youngsters how to work on their bikes, and given out some free gear to kids through donations and fundraising.” Sounds awesome, right? Keep reading below and then hit up and follow @radshare

RADshare is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering local youth through programs that explore and celebrate the art of having fun. RADshare aims to promote a safer bike culture by offering safety education, free helmets and dependable cycling equipment.

This organization, led by a community of creative leaders, seeks to close the opportunity gap through mentoring and exposure to the arts of fun and action-sports culture. It raises awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), promotes mental health, exercise and nutrition and builds community advocates through a combination of education, advocacy and equipment, focusing on serving riders with less access to resources.

RADshare empowers today’s youth to reach their full potential through inclusive community-based projects, development of shared spaces and greater access to skills and safety clinics. We believe in empowerment through sharing RAD experiences.

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