"Security guards are definitely more apologetic when you have a kid with you, they usually don’t kick us out really"
Chase really has a knack for riding imperfect setups. Windowsill icepick off an incredibly tight stormdoor setup.
Photo: Tom Nguyen

Lets kick it off with the basics, name, age, sponsors, etc: Chase DeHart, I’m 34, and ride for Cult, Primo, Vans, Ethika, plus a few clothing brands are always hooking me up, Doomed, Act Like You Know, Burn Slow.

So let’s start with some basic stuff, you wake up in the morning, planning to go out for a day of riding, what are you doing to get ready? Make sure Cash is all good, drop him off at school, and then just heading out with my bike for the day. Get coffee, nothing much more than that really.

Do you like to watch videos before you ride? If so do you have one in particular that always gets you siked? I do like to watch videos, but I don’t really ever watch anything particular before I ride. I always say this, but I grew up skating, and I just watch mostly east coast skate videos, local bmx/skate videos, I just like looking at spots and the cities and culture. I’m not anti watching BMX or anything, I keep up with BMX, but I don’t relate to it all the time, which is fine, my inspiration just comes from elsewhere for the most part. 

Chase has a lot more tricks in the bag than some people think. Clicked table…off a stormdoor of course.
Photo: Tom Nguyen

You get to the first spot, out of the car what are you doing? Stretching? Trying to find a little warm up spot? Sending it right off the jump? I probably should stretch but I never remember to, I usually just pedal around and hop around on stuff, just doing whatever makes me feel comfortable on my bike and loosened up, just doing little stuff to get my comfort up and feel good. 

What is your preferred size crew to hit the streets with? Some people prefer riding alone, some people like every session to be like a jam, where do you fall on that spectrum? I definitely fall closer to a small crew for the most part, I don’t mind if it’s a big crew sometimes because I like cracking jokes and having everyone’s energy, the only thing I don’t like is getting stuck at spots, sometimes I don’t mind, but I mostly like to move through a city or town, and I like to keep what’s in front of me feeling fresh—especially if I’ve been there before, I keep it moving pretty fast and try to see what else I can come across. I like pedaling around aimlessly, even if it’s a familiar area.

Are you conscious of what you eat before/during/after riding? I don’t really eat before I ride, I drink coffee, and I‘ll have eggs sometimes, but I have the most energy when I don’t eat, I can ride all day without eating and have more energy than most people, then afterwards I’ll eat a lot. Which probably is unhealthy, but if I stop and eat, I don’t feel like riding anymore afterwards. On trips everyone eats lunch, and I’ll just get a drink, I don’t know how they do it, but it makes me tired.

Classic Dehart steeze
Photo: Tom Nguyen

In your opinion, what is the best temperature for outside sessions? Like 70, pretty much this time of year, not hot but not cold, I’m sure everyone feels the same, my hands don’t get sweaty, I’m not winded or anything, just feels right and makes me want to be outside all day.

Say it’s freezing, like ice cold, are you heading to the indoor park or bundling up and hitting the streets regardless? I wouldn’t mind going to an indoor park at all during the winter, but the closest one to me is 2 hours away, so that’s usually a desperate last resort, and I don’t really like the park anyhow. I hate bundling up and riding, too, because I feel too bulky and don’t feel like myself on my bike, so winter is definitely the most I won’t ride. If I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t like to ride, it’s all a feeling for me, don’t get me wrong, I’ll end up doing it sometimes, but I usually can’t get into it and just head home.

Do you prefer to pedal or drive from spot to spot? Which do you end up doing more often? Pedal around only, I can’t stand driving spot to spot, I will drive to a city or town, park up and pedal around that city or town all day. Being in a car drains me, I’ll do it when I have to and on trips and stuff, but never by choice. Pedaling around makes everything come natural, and if I get my adrenaline up and am hyped on something I just rode, the last thing I want to do is jump in a car, I’m trying to go right around the corner to the next possible thing to ride, it just keeps the day moving and makes you want to make something rideable, I feel like I use my head more that way, and it makes spots I’d usually never ride, something I’ll ride.

I wonder how many times Chase has propped up this same piece of slate, bump to wallride up the steps on home turf.
Photo: Tom Nguyen

What’s in your bag when you go out riding? Do you carry tools? Tubes? Wax? Nah, I don’t carry anything, unfortunately, I just have my phone and keys, and I keep a little bit of money on me, in my truck I have tools and tubes, though. I can’t remember the last time I’ve waxed something. Veesh is probably always bummed, because I put my phone and keys in his camera bag [laughs], and every few minutes I’m like, “You have my phone, right?” Sorry Veesh…

You get a flat, are you patching ‘er up or putting in a fresh tube? I’ve been trying to change my ways, on our last trip I changed a flat three times to get a trick, which is definitely something I’ve never done. I’m usually the type that, if I get a flat or my bike breaks, that means I’m not meant to ride. But I kind of knew that this spot was going to give me a flat, so I didn’t think much into it. But patching a tube sucks I’m definitely not using a patch unless I really have to, Cult and Primo both make tubes so I’ve been pretty spoiled with always having tubes around. 

Do you ever ride with headphones? Nah, definitely not, that’s the worst, trying to talk to someone while they’re riding around with you listening to music in their own world and in the zone and not responding, I don’t like that. It’s cool if you’re by yourself, but if you’re with the crew with headphones in, just go be by yourself, I’m trying to crack jokes and feed off each other’s energy. Not to be mean, but I’m sure people can relate.

Super quick roof roll in to handicap ramp, most definitely something you’d miss driving spot to spot.
Photo: Tom Nguyen

It’s been awesome to see your son Cash progressing so much so quickly, do you guys ever session with any other father and son duos? Have you two ever caught a sesh with Grim and George [Duran]? Thank you, it’s been crazy watching him grow and seeing him fall in love with riding, he seriously gets it and doesn’t care about how good he gets, he just likes to be out riding. It makes me seriously proud [laughs], and it’s causing him to have a natural talent on the bike. And nah, I don’t really have any friends with kids, he mostly just comes out with me and my friends, or me and his mom. I haven’t had Cash around Grim and George yet, but I’ve ridden with those two a good amount last year, I love those two, definitely a huge inspiration seeing how close they are, and George is one of my favorite riders. He’s so good. I remember meeting him when he was Cash’s age. Their relationship is amazing, you can tell it’s had a good effect on George and it’s almost as if George is more responsible than Grim [laughs]. I love it. I feel that way with Cash already, he’s maturing fast because he’s always around me and my friends, I’ve just been taking it as it comes, but I’m lucky he’s into BMX for now because it makes us insanely close, and I love having him out with me when I can.

Now that Cash is getting a little older I’ve noticed that you guys have been venturing out of the skateparks and been hitting up some real spots, have you been kicked out of places riding with him? Does it change the way that people react to you riding on their stuff when there’s a child with you? Yeah, he obviously would rather ride street because I ride street, he always wants to come with me, but he’s still a little too young for me to trust having him out in a city and stuff, so when I know I’m going to a chillin’ spot for the day, I let him come. We’ve been kicked out of places, kind of, security guards are definitely more apologetic when you have a kid with you. They usually don’t kick us out really, it definitely just looks like I’m there with my kid riding around, and doesn’t really register to them that we’re doing anything more than that, but I’ve only come across that situation a couple times with him.

Do you still go out on real street missions in South Jersey/Philly or is it more chill when you’re home and then you really go in on the road? Asking because some of my favorite sections of yours were filmed primarily in that area, like Two By Four, On The Move, Status Quo, etc (Status Quo in particular, love that part, I really wish someone would get that video online in good quality). Thanks Pat, I appreciate that, I agree that it seems that the best footage of anyone, always comes from their own spots and area, and I don’t want to ever lose that. I owe everything to me riding my own spots, and I’m always riding my area and am out as much as I can be—it’s still what I always want to be doing. The hardest part is one, I have no consistent crew or filmers at home that I ride with, so even though I’m riding a lot at home, it’s hard to show it, unless it’s on Instagram and shit, which sucks, but it’s better than nothing I guess. I’m trying to stay connected with my few close friends at home and get shit going, though, it’s always on my mind. And two, it’s hard because I had an insanely busy three years, to the point where I’m gone so much, when I get home I only have about a month or so to spend time with my family, so I would just go on trips and ride as hard as I can, then come home and catch up with my family and then repeat. Which I’m grateful for, Robbie (Cult) keeps me so busy, and those trips are a second home for me, I love being out with them. I love being home too, but it’s easy to be like, alright, I just rode for a few weeks straight, we have a video coming out, I’ll just chill and cruise around until the next trip in a couple weeks. It’s hard to come off those trips and then come home and try and jump into a project at home, it’s easy bike riding wise, because I feel confident on the bike, but as far as time and energy, I just start to feel like it’s not fair to my family—my girl has to work extra hard when I’m away, and take care of Cash without me. It’s not easy on them, but they handle it so well. I’m really lucky that I’m even able to live this lifestyle still, and I try my best to balance it and not be too selfish. I will be filming a project at home, though—especially while all this mess is going on in the world, I have a camera and a few friends with free time, so we’re about to be on it. It’s just been a matter of having the time. Sorry for rambling [laughs], but that question is something I think about, too. I wish every trip could be to the east coast, but it obviously can’t. 

Chase pops a downside whip in a neighborhood Cash is definitely too young to hang out in.
Photo: Tom Nguyen

This wouldn’t be a fair assessment of how someone rides street without this question, do you like to partake in any extra curriculars while riding (smoking/drinking/etc.)? I sure the answer is probably different depending on if the little dude is with you. [Laughs] Yeah, as far as drinking goes, I don’t like to drink any more at all, not even socially or anything, and that’s been real good for me. I’m trying to word this so Cash won’t read into it, he’s sneaky on his iPad and will probably read this, but I like a head change, not always though, sometimes it makes me timid on my bike, but usually it helps ease my mind. I’ve been on probation for the last year and a half, though, so I actually haven’t been as much. I don’t notice much difference, I think the older I get the more I grow out of it, so it hasn’t been a priority or anything, it’s just something to do some times, it kind of comes in waves lately.

Thanks for your time Chase, we’ll have to get together for a session after all this coronavirus chaos passes. Anything you want to plug before we wrap this up? Yeah, of course man, we’ve been talking about it forever. Definitely need to make it happen. And nah, not that I can think of, the new Cult Arizona trip video will be out soon and I’m excited for that. I have some Primo signature grips that are out soon, too. About all I can think of. Thanks for hitting me up, thanks to anyone still down for what I’m up to, I appreciate it.

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