If you saw our recent video about the Source's headquarters in Hastings, then you know it's a pretty large operation. They have the park (a massive undertaking all its own), the massive shop, and the rather gigantic warehouse/mail order operation up the road.

If you saw our recent video about the Source’s headquarters in Hastings, then you know it’s a pretty large operation. They have the park (a massive undertaking all its own), the massive shop, and the rather gigantic warehouse/mail order operation up the road. Well, they also have a shop and warehouse in the USA now. I hit up Rich Moore, co-owner of Source, about the need for a place in the States and what it means for people who order from not only the USA, but Canada, Mexico, and beyond…

First off, but can you give us a brief rundown of who you guys are and Source’s history for those that don’t know?
It’s hard to keep brief but basically Marc and I are two brothers who grew up riding BMX and opened a small BMX shop in 2003. The Source has grown in each of the 16 years since and has always pushed to do the best stuff we can within BMX. These days we ship Worldwide from warehouses in Hastings, UK and Louisville, Kentucky, as well as running the Source Park and Battle of Hastings events. A lot has changed in the last 16 years but the principles are exactly the same where we want to the best BMX retailer possible. That’s the brief history but check out the Source Park documentary on Amazon Prime for the full-length version…

The big news here is that you guys have opened up a warehouse and shop in Louisville, Kentucky. How long has that been in the works? 
The warehouse began shipping in April and took a solid 8-9 months of planning and hard work to get everything in place and working. The storefront opened in August and has taken 3-4 months to get everything dialed and all the necessary permissions for signs etc.

What was your guys’ main motivation for wanting to expand to the States?
We have been drop-shipping in the US for a few years now and we always knew at some point that it would make sense to have our own warehouse. It means that we can hold much more inventory, offer better prices and deliver faster. It just makes total sense…plus it’s been a really fun process to go through. I guess we get bored easily and are always motivated to expand and take on new challenges

Why Louisville, Kentucky?

It’s a cool city to be in for starters; the BMX scene is legendary and we both spent a few weeks there back in 2001 for the racing World Championships and Vans Triple Crown so knew a bit about the city – Fids visits Leland there most years so there is definitely a Hastings/Louisville connection of sorts.

How important is it for you guys to have a storefront for the local riders?
Super important! Whenever we spoke to locals about opening a warehouse, their first question was whether we’d open a store. It would have been annoying and weird to have a warehouse full of thousands of BMX products that local riders couldn’t get their hands on so the shop gets product in their hands and will contribute to the scene through events and sponsorship etc. There aren’t really any new BMX shops opening these days so it’s cool to be able to add a Sister store to our Hastings shop.

What does this mean for riders in the States that order from you guys?
The other reason we opened in Louisville is that it’s central and we have UPS Worldport a few miles from our warehouse so we can offer super-fast delivery. Once we’re fully stocked in Louisville – which it virtually is – we’ll have the biggest selection of BMX product in the US with options for delivery next day for in-stock product.

Have there been any major challenges in opening the warehouse and shop?
Yeah, it’s not been easy. We got really lucky with renting a perfect warehouse and then hiring solid dudes (all riders) to run it but there has been a lot to do.

Who do you guys have running the day to day operations here stateside? How important is it for you guys to have riders involved on all levels? We’ve been splitting our time between Hastings and Kentucky to get things set up but Keith Treanor is our manager there and doing a great job along with the guys he has recruited. He runs a tight ship and we’re stoked how smoothly it has been working from the get go. As time goes on we’re getting more inventory and getting busier by the day.

How did Keith Treanor come to be your manager, did you know him? Believe it or not, Treanor used to hook up with our babysitter in Hastings when we were kids! We were aged 10 and 8 when the first Backyard Jam was held next to our house and Treanor was over for. Fast forward twenty years, and he fancied a change from California and moved out to Louisville as our employee number 1. He’s been working in BMX in all kinds of roles for decades so is perfectly qualified…and a great dude.

Battle Of Hastings is obviously a huge success…any plans for doing a “Battle Of Louisville”? It’s definitely got a good ring to it!

You guys run programs and camps in Hastings geared at getting kids on bikes and improving skill, any plans to do that in coordination with the new operation?
It’s something we love doing in Hastings and we put a lot of energy in to giving kids the chance to try BMX; whether by visiting them in their communities or running coaching programs at the Source Park. We have a really good thing going on and we’ve seen hundreds of kids get in to BMX as a result – a lot of them are getting really good! We’d love to roll out the program further and we’re always looking for opportunities to do it…though we haven’t worked out how to do it just yet.

Are there discussions about opening up shop in any other countries?
No, I don’t think so. In our experience, BMX shops barely pay the bills, and they are more like something we do because it’s enjoyable and good to support the scene. It’s not that it doesn’t work in some areas, or as part of store that sells non-BMX products as well but only retailing 100% BMX, like we do, is tough going.

You guys have the shop in Hastings, the epic Source Park, have two warehouses, and are creeping up on being one of the largest, if not the largest mail order brands in the world. Did you guys ever think it was gonna get this far? No, of course not! It’s not like you can plan that far ahead…we just take it as it comes and try to constantly improve and do cool stuff.

Where do you see Source in ten more years? Hopefully at the centre of BMX retail and doing our bit, and more, to keep BMX as rad as it is. BMX has been a dominant and ultra-positive part of our lives so we want it to go from strength to strength and put back.

Anything else in the works we should know about? Hah. Haha, you’ll be the first to know!

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