The 2020 Grindworks jam at HCS skatepark was a wild one. If you want to see some of the most core people in BMX, here you go. Grindworks operates solely on the premise of fun and giving back to BMX. Making reliable pegs they barely break even on them, dumping money in to awesome jams literally just for people to have a blast. There was a great turn out this year with so many awesome moves going down. Fresh concrete, a piano, metal ramps, a satellite dish, and even a car. There’s always so many interesting things to ride at this annual wonder.

This year was definitely a little different due to COVID-19. An effort was made to maintain distance, reduce person to person contact, wearing of masks, and no indoor riding this year. Along with putting an emphasis on people not coming if they weren’t feeling well. With 2020 being such a rough year, the northeast BMX community really needed to cut loose a little bit in a bad way. We rough it through winter then get hit with a heavy quarantine. It’s enough to make you loose it just a little, ya know? These photos along with the video put together by Kyle Dolan and hopeful exposure of a great scene are what we can contribute. I hope you enjoy. Thanks. —Tom Beckman

Photos by Tom Beckman

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