Words and Photos by Matthias Dandois

I have been on BMX trips for the past 15 years. Since my first trip I’ve always loved to help out the filmer with the second angle or taking phone angle/photos for the homies. Sometimes you sit at a spot for a couple hours while someone is trying something crazy, so I might as well be productive…

I really got into 35mm photography last year and I was super excited to go in Lisbon, Portugal, on this Haro trip cause the riders are incredible at bike riding and the city is so beautiful, which make it quite fun to take photos. I love film photography cause you can’t really shoot anything and everything…you gotta take your time to shoot something you really wanna shoot, and then wait a few weeks to see the result. It was also super chill to shoot film cause Joey Cobbs was shooting the actual photos of the trip, so I didn’t have to stress about getting the riding picture right.

In an era of great consumption of things, I find it rather amusing.

We haven’t been on a Haro trip in a year, so everybody was pretty excited to hit the road again. We were all staying in a pretty cool Airbnb right in the center of Lisbon and that city is an actual bike park, man… So much fun stuff to ride for everyone. I loved the trip cause it was a hardcore genuine BMX trip: Riding our heart out from 10am ’til sunset and trying to film as much as we could. Even though the crew changed a lil’ bit from the past years, it ended up working out amazing. It’s so easy being on the road with these guys.
They say a picture is worth a thousand word, so here goes some film memories from 10 days on the road in Lisbon and its surroundings. With Chad Kerley, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson, Ryan Nyquist, Doeby, and Joey Cobbs. Huge thanks to Haro BMX for getting us all together, and Hugo Silva/Robin Persona for being the best. Hit that play button on the video! —Matthias

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  1. nice pics, but why do pro BMXers never represent their big sponsors logo even? Did I see one Haro logo in the whole gallery ?

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