S&M – Hey Chris What’s Up? – What Do YOU Wanna Know About S&M Bikes?

If you follow @moeller_chris on Instagram, then you're probably already familiar with the "Hey Chris What's Up?" videos. They're always entertaining and/or interesting and it was only a matter of time before S&M got it going on the old YouTube as well. They decided to go ahead and open the floodgates for Episode 1 and invite the viewers to comment on what they'd like to know about / see at S&M.

Fit – Keys To The Cage: Teaching a 4-year-old How to Build a Bike

This is probably going to be the cutest thing you'll see on the internet today. Chris Moeller (the dude at Fit/S&M) had his daughter Jeri head down to the cage at The Building to build up a fresh Fit 12" Misfit with help of uncle Dougie. Once you've had enough of the cuteness, think of a little shredder you know and hook 'em up or try to win the free Misfit by following the instructions at the end of the video.

S&M: Whammo Wednesday

Craig Passero is a clip getting machine—whether it's street, park, or trails. Here's a collection of absurd technical combos from the dude who can get a clip on anything. And that backward 60/40 was one of the best ones ever done.